Bracketology 1/11/20

Happy New Year. Not sure when it’s too late to wish people a Happy New Year, but I’m wishing you all one now. I’m going to keep this nice and short because I’m really tired. Kids have been getting me up really early lately. This is the first Bracketology of the New Year. I’m going to give a quick breakdown of all the metrics and analytics I use and then we’ll give you the field.

I obviously use the NET because that’s the NCAA’s new baby. For strength of schedule I use ESPN SOR and Warren Nolan. I also use Sagarin and KenPom. Kevin Pauga updated his KPI Sports. Then we can’t forget fellow Wisconsinite Erik Haslam, who owns Haslametrics. Not to mention my special way of adjusting winning percentage that equals: Road win > Neutral Win > Home Win. And Road Loss < Neutral Loss < Home Loss.

As always, check us and everyone else out on the Bracketmatrix.


1. Kansas
16. Morgan State/Grambling

8. Wisconsin
9. Arkansas

5. Michigan
12. Furman

4. Wichita State
13. Wright State

6. Colorado
11. Georgia/Saint Mary’s

3. Maryland
14. William & Mary

7. Marquette
10. Iowa

2. Oregon
15. Murray State


1. Butler
16. Omaha

8. Houston
9. Oklahoma

5. Seton Hall
12. Liberty

4. Louisville
13. Stephen F. Austin

6. Stanford
11. LSU

3. Michigan State
14. Stony Brook

7. Florida
10. Xavier

2. Baylor
15. UC-Santa Barbara


1. Duke
16. Quinnipiac/Robert Morris

8. Illinois
9. Texas Tech

5. Villanova
12. Yale

4. Ohio State
13. Colgate

6. Memphis
11. Washington/Virginia

3. West Virginia
14. New Mexico State

7. Creighton
10. Indiana

2. Auburn
15. Florida Atlantic


1. Gonzaga
16. Winthrop

8. VCU
9. Rutgers

5. Penn State
12. Northern Iowa

4. Dayton
13. Kent State

6. Arizona
11. Purdue

3. Florida State
14. Northern Colorado

7. Kentucky
10. BYU

2. San Diego State
15. Little Rock

Last four byes


Last four in

Saint Mary’s

First four out

Utah State
Oklahoma State
NC State

Next four out

Arizona State

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