10 national title gambling picks

Remember college football? Remember the semifinals like six months ago? Well the national title is finally here, and the sport has one final game before we go into the national nightmare that is college football offseason. Some may see the championship as an opportunity for athletes and universities to showcase what they have to offer.

For others, it’s a chance to profit off skilled athletes who entertain us for free. It’s a beautiful system. Let’s make some money off these youngsters with these 10 national title gambling picks.

Coin toss

Clemson will get to call the coin toss and assuming they call tails, Clemson will win. According to our friends at DK Nation, the coin toss came up tails in three of the five national titles in the College Football Playoff era. Also, the team calling the flip won three of the five times. Easiest money you could get. Take Clemson to win the coin toss and start the title game in the money.

First team to score

I’ve got Clemson. The odds are heavily favoring LSU in this prop, and I think this will be a close matchup. Plenty of value on Clemson to get that first score.

First touchdown

Ready for this? The names listed to score the first touchdown are Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase, Joe Burrow, Terrace Marshall Jr., Justyn Ross, Thaddeus Moss, Amari Rodgers, Chris Curry, Tyrion Davis-Price, Chez Mellusi, Diondre Overton, Lyn-J Dixon, J.C. Chalk, Racey McMath, Stephen Sullivan, Derrick Dillon, Frank Ladson Jr., Joseph Ngata, Myles Brennan,Chase Brice, T.J. Chase, Darien Rencher, John Emery Jr., Tony Carter and No TD scored. Believe it or not, I’m taking the field. Left off this list are Trevor Lawrence, Tee Higgins and Travis Etienne. Travis Etienne will score the first touchdown. Gimme the field.


No turnovers has a value of +700 and I’m all over that. Trevor Lawrence hasn’t thrown an interception since October, and Joe Burrow has been interception-free four games in a row. Just hold onto the ball, fellas.

Largest lead

I said this exact same thing in last year’s championship game right before Clemson beat Alabama by 700, but there’s no way this game is a blowout. The over/under for the largest lead in this game is set at 16.5, and I’m taking the under. Close game from start to finish.

Etienne vs. Edwards-Helaire

Whos’ getting more rushing yards between Travis Etienne and Clyde Edwards-Helaire? Edwads-Helaire had a hamstring injury recently and claims to be 100% but I don’t believe him. I don’t put myself through the physical pain he does and even I haven’t felt 100% healthy in decades. Etienne averages eight yards per carry and will outrush Edwards-Helaire on Monday night.

Longest touchdown

It’s set at 64.5 yards. That’s too long. Under.

Over/Under Point Total

This number went way down over the past few days to 67, and that’s great news for the over bettors. Like me. Take the over. It’s a much more entertaining way to watch a big sporting event, and you’re going to make some money doing it.

Against the Spread

Clemson is the defending champ. Clemson won 29 games in a row. Clemson’s quarterback never lost a college game. Clemson won 11 of 14 games by 31 or more points in 2019. Do these facts sound like a team that should be nearly a touchdown underdog? Of course not. Easy money on Clemson +6.


LSU is a new story so we are more driven to that, but little ol’ Clemson has been chuggin’ along all season. Without any good teams on the schedule, Clemson went off the radar in 2019 aside from a last-second victory against North Carolina. Dabo Swinney is somehow convincing his team nobody respects them, especially considering they’re underdogs in the title game and it’s working.

Your 2019-20 college football national champions:

The Clemson Tigers. 45-41.


I’ll set the over/under at 1.5 beers. You love college football. By law, you must enjoy beer. Take the over and enjoy yourself tonight. It’s the last college football game till August.

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