College Football Hangover: Week 12

Rally time!

It did not look like a very good slate of college football, but we made the best of it. Final thoughts, videos and photos from the weekend in this week’s College Football Hangover.

College Football Playoff

This is what the College Football Playoff will look like on Tuesday night.

1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Notre Dame
4. Michigan

My College Football Playoff

This is what the College Football Playoff should look like.

1. Alabama
2. Notre Dame
3. Clemson
4. Georgia

Who’s left?

Nine teams remain with a chance to make the College Football Playoff: Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Washington State.

The Mountaineers need lots of crazy things to go down to have even a shot, but it’s possible.

Three timeouts

I love me some Dana Holgorsen, but West Virginia’s head coach could have had several more plays to try and get into the end zone late against Oklahoma State. The Mountaineers did not use timeouts on defense, drove down the field and ran out of time with a timeout still remaining. Every top college football program needs a clock guy. Anybody interested in hiring a clock guy, I could have saved West Virginia’s season.

Big Ten survives

What a terrifying Saturday it was for the Big Ten on Saturday. A defenseless Ohio State won in overtime against Maryland, which missed a wide open receiver on a two-point conversion that would have won the game. I think the broadcast set a record for how many times a coach made it on TV with Urban Meyer reactions, who looks to be in constant pain. We ask what is wrong with Ohio State every weekend, but the Buckeyes keep on winning, setting up an incredible matchup with Michigan next Saturday.

And to the Big House where Indiana hung with the Wolverines much of the game before Michigan finished off with an 11-point win. Michigan lost Chase Winovich in this game, and nobody knows how long he will be out. This would be a pretty massive blow for the Wolverines to be without their leader next weekend.

Oklahoma Defense

Gave up 40 to Kansas. West Virginia will beat the Sooners next weekend in some Big 12 on Big 12 crime.

Notre Dame isn’t bad

Syracuse would have won if Notre Dame did not injure Orange quarterback Eric Dungey. No doubt in my mind. Just kidding, the Irish straight up dominated Syracuse from start to finish. This was supposed to be the game to watch on Saturday, but it was never close. Love the move by Syracuse to kick a field goal down 36-0 in the final seconds to avoid being shut out. Very well done. Need a USC win next weekend. Fight On!

Remember The Citadel

Through one quarter of football, The Citadel tied with Alabama 10-10. The second half did not go as well, but it made for some silly Twitter jokes. I’m a huge fan of adding “The” to Citadel as well. Ohio State doesn’t even put “The” in front of Ohio State University. Power move from THE Citadel. Also, it would be nice if the SEC would stop doing what it does in late November against FCS teams.

Wisconsin: Back

Comeback triple-overtime win at Purdue. Jonathan Taylor had 321 yards rushing. On Paul Chryst’s birthday. Badgers are back.

I’m really dumb: Part 1

For the last two weeks, I have said just wait until Washington State plays Arizona. I predicted an upset that would have shocked the college football world. I would have been looked at as a smart person for the first time in my life, but that did not happen. Washington State must have been reading Deceptive Speed because the Cougars put up 55 points. In the first half. Not ideal. Washington State won 69-28 in this one. Nice.

I’m really dumb: Part 2

I thought Illinois was going to cover the +15.5 at home against Iowa. Iowa won 63-0. Illinois did not cover.

First year coaches kicked A-word

Josh Huepel and UCF proved the Knights are the Group of 5 kings. Scott Frost and Nebraska earned a snowy victory over Michigan State. Chip Kelly and UCLA likely ended the Clay Helton era. Willie Taggart and Florida State scored late to beat Boston College. And covered. And I lost money. Not mad though. Not mad at all.

Good for UCF

Speaking of UCF, I’m a UCF guy. I’m not a UCF should be in the College Football Playoff discussion, but go ahead and give yourselves national championships. I’m all for it. After College GameDay rocked the campus, the Knights destroyed Cincinnati on Saturday night with tons of people watching. Just a few wins away from a repeat national title game.

Things & Stuff

Philly Special: Rutgers Edition.

No doubt this referee lost every snowball fight he was ever part of.

Ok. Cool
Hook Em!

Calling a football game and calling out the haters on Twitter.

No shave November in full bloom.

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