Jalen Hurts is NOT MY Heisman

I’ve been forced to find jokes for the NOT MY Heisman campaign with candidates Joe Burrow, Chase Young and Justin Fields. But with Jalen Hurts, it’s not all that difficult. He’s been a problem for Oklahoma in the past month and is very fortunate the Sooners still have a chance at a title.

And because of that, Jalen Hurts is NOT MY Heisman.

Coming into the season, it seemed like we all agreed Hurts winning the Heisman would be the best story in college football. From the starter of the best team to being benched in the title game to losing his starting position to Heisman winner? It’s a comeback story you could make a movie out of.

We wanted to see it happen, but it feels like this has been forced. Voters thought this was too good of a story to pass up and despite how he plays, they’re voting for him no matter how he played late in the season.

In the Big 12 title game, Oklahoma had a double-digit lead and Baylor’s starting quarterback was knocked out. Two turnovers from Jalen Hurts kept the Bears in the game, as the Sooners held on to win in overtime.

In three of Oklahoma’s last four games, Hurts committed multiple turnovers. And they all came in important spots as all three of those games were decided by one score.

Hurts is playing in a system that breeds Heisman winners with Oklahoma quarterbacks winning the last two Heisman trophies. I’m not sure there is a quarterback out there who wouldn’t find success with the Sooners. Guys are wide open on pretty much every play in that offense going against Big 12 defenses.

He had the best story and the best system to win a Heisman, but his performance late in the season is not enough.

Jalen Hurts is NOT MY Heisman.

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