Sexy Tinder Pics: Bowls Part 1

After going 5-5 on Championship Weekend, the Sexy Tinder Pics went over .500 heading into bowl season with a cover in the Army-Navy Game. High fives all around. Morale is high in Tinder land for all.

I remain single over the holidays (DMs continue to be open but the only DMs I get are typically death threats), but that’s okay because the only thing that matters in relationships money, and we’re going to be making a lot of it during bowl season.

We’ll be betting along with all 40 bowl games based on the lovely ladies of Tinder. And by the time the national title comes around in a few weeks, I’ll be a millionaire thanks to some fine Sexy Tinder Pics as we continue to revolutionize the sports gambling industry doing things no bettor has done before.

For the first part of bowl season, I asked 10 of my female friends from Tinder to pick a winner against the spread with some analysis to go along with their selection.

*Names have been altered to protect the innocent.

Charlotte +6.5 vs. Buffalo

Delilah’s Take: What…No idea what you’re saying…What’s the question lmao…Haha no I do not [think Buffalo wins by 7 or more]. I don’t get down with football sorry it was confusing. So is that how you decide to talk to someone? Lol

Utah State -6.5 vs. Kent State

Jessica’s Take: Great question! Go with Utah…Absolutely nothing [went into my decision]…Deal breaker?…Well there ya go! Don’t keep up with college. If golic and wingo aren’t talkin about them in the morning then they’re not big news.

Central Michigan +3.5 vs. San Diego State

Chloe’s Take: CM…Mostly because I have no clue what u r talking about

Georgia Southern -4.5 vs. Liberty

Nicole’s Take: Sorry hun, I don’t follow basketball…Oh lol college football? lol go for GA…[idk emoji] gut feeling

SMU -3.5 vs. FAU

Carissa’s Take: Football?…They play Saturday? Hmm not sure. I wasn’t going to watch it cause I’ve got a rehearsal and my friend has Star Wars tickets…I haven’t been watching them so this is a wild guess…SMU.

Arkansas State -2.5

Debby’s Take: Huh?…Okay…Not a huge football fan. I like the badgers but that’s about if…It*…Arkansas…Terrible choice to go off of me

Washington -3.5 vs. Boise State

Jenny’s Take: Idk what you’re talking about…No opinion…Lol…Washington…Sounds like a poor use of your hard earned money

Appalachian State -17 vs. UAB

Anjela’s Take: Appalachian…Heck of a guess…Lol [cry laughing emoji]

Marshall +17.5 vs. UCF

Jane’s Take: Marshall…Cuz I loved the movie “We are Marshall” and it still gets me to this day…And I have no idea who UCF is…Hahahahaha

BYU -2 vs. Hawaii

Kate’s Take: What lol…Is this basketball? Lol…Oh my bad lol…[funny gif]…BYU is Florida right?…Lol sure them…[laugh cry emoji, laugh cry emoji, praying hands]…BYU is close to buy And I like to buy things [laugh cry emoji, laugh cry emoji, laugh cry emoji, clown face emoji].

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