Justin Fields is NOT MY Heisman

A wise man once said, “Quitting is for those who do not win Heisman Trophies.” (IMPORTANT: I just made that up, and I’m not that wise of a man). Justin Fields’ stats are incredible with 40 touchdowns and one interception, but how loyal is he to teams he plays for?

I have my doubts, which is why Justin Fields is NOT MY Heisman.

After playing at Georgia for one season, Fields transferred and was granted immediate eligibility for whatever reason to play for Ohio State. Two teams in two seasons. And if you consider he is no longer on his high school football or baseball teams, he left three teams in just over a calendar year.

Fields is now on pace to be the first quarterback ever to play on four college football teams in four consecutive seasons. Whether he moves on to play for a new team following the College Football Playoff remains to be seen.

If not, what’s next? Is he going to leave Ohio State for the NFL after next year? Then when he gets to the NFL, is he going to want to play for a different team? Name me one NFL player who played for a different NFL team other than the one who drafted him.

I’ll wait.

I can’t think of one, but the question is whether or not the Heisman voters even care about loyalty anymore. And is this the guy you want representing college football? I sure hope loyalty prevails once and for all.

Justin Fields is NOT MY Heisman.

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