Pour one out for the AAF

Gone too soon

What were your favorite memories from the AAF? Turns out spring football, which has been attempted several times, still is not successful, as the league announced on Tuesday it would suspend operations.

Ratings were actually okay for this thing because we enjoy the game of pigskin in this country, but it’s all over, and we’re just left with our memories of the latest failed attempt at spring football.

I will leave the Alliance of American Football with four memories.

Memory #1: I recall flipping through the channels, seeing football on the guide and saying, “What the hell is this? Oh yeah, it’s that spring football league that doesn’t include Vince McMahon.”

Memory #2: Former Arizona State quarterback Mike Bercovici was nearly decapitated less than five minutes into the league’s first game.

If a NFL player did this to Tom Brady, that defensive player would have received a lifetime ban from the sport, probably get arrested and maybe even take a seat in the electric chair.

This hit also reminded me how much I love quarterbacks eatin’ dirt from the Coors Light commercials back in the day. Check it out this video in case you don’t remember the greatest commercial campaigns of all time.

Nothing quite like football, overeating, pounding beers and twins, am I right, boys?

Memory 3: The replay review official was mic’d up, and you could hear the guy or girl talking with the referee. Kinda cool.

Memory 4: I bet on one AAF game. I don’t remember who I picked, but dammit they covered and I became a richer man than I otherwise would have been. If you doubt me on my gambling picks, just know I left the sport undefeated. Floyd Mayweather style.

I watched a bit of the second half of the game at a Buffalo Wild Wings once I got the waitress to turn the game on. Imagine stopping somebody on a busy Saturday night and asking them to please turn on the AAF game that I have money on. If that’s not already rock bottom, I’m in trouble.

I didn’t quite get into the AAF and never even picked a team to root for. I tuned in for parts of the first half of the first game and saw a few plays in that one game I bet on, but that was about it.

It’s a sad day for the most degenerate of gamblers, it’s a sad day for all the players and coaches who are now out of jobs. But don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Rest in peace, AAF.

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