Deceptive Speed May Report

Another month goes by, and another Deceptive Speed record. Our numbers have gone up every month in 2019, and May was by far the biggest month since we started in Mid-August.

This is our second monthly report giving you an update on what we’re doing as the future of college sports media. Appreciate all the followers, readers, listeners, watchers. As for everybody else, I hate you.

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It was a wild month for Deceptive Speed filled with excitement, anger and disappointment. We hit all the feels in May with the Hauser brother articles. As a Journalism major with a capital J, I was taught to have multiple sources before going with a story. We had our two sources saying the Hausers were headed to Wisconsin. Somewhere along the line, that changed.

Tough break for the brand, but we’ll get through this together. As a wise man once said, “I get knocked down, but I get up again. You are never gonna keep me down.”

If you have any information (true or not) about anything, be sure to send me a DM on Twitter or email because getting involved in the scoops game is such a rush. Also, we need to get something right at some point. Might help.

Here’s some May info.

Top 5 most read articles

  1. Hauser brothers update: Bad news all around
  2. SOURCES: Hauser brothers to Wisconsin ‘basically a done deal’
  3. 5 reasons Michigan State is bad fit for Hauser brothers
  4. Marquette fans bring the hate
  5. Bracketology: Post-combine update

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  5. Washington, D.C.

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Thanks for checking out what we do. And as a reminder as we head into June:

P.Y.O.G. Pack Your Own Grit.