Bracketology: Post-NBA Draft deadline

Two Bracketology updates within a week. It's almost like we're at the end of February. But really, it's the end of May and the early entrant NBA Draft deadline has come and gone. It was actually a really exciting day. Almost felt like the election or something. I had Jeff

Wisconsin basketball: The ultimate friend zone

Welp, it's another tough moment for Wisconsin basketball recruiting as the Badgers missed out on the Hauser brothers. Imagine being the guy using unnamed sources that said Sam and Joey Hauser to Wisconsin basically a done deal and sticking with it for an entire month before it all blowing up

Top 5 landing spots for Urban Meyer in 2020

Whenever Urban Meyer is asked about a return to college football, he denies it but always gives that little opening to get everybody buzzing. Well I'm writing about it, so it worked. Meyer says he's done but never fully commits to saying never. I tracked down three quotes from him

Juwan Howard to Michigan: 3 thoughts

The Wolverines went and found themselves a Michigan man with Juwan Howard to replace John Beilein. It's tough to follow the best head coach in school history, but I applaud Athletic Director Warde Manuel for going bold in his first major coaching hire in his three years at the school.

Bracketology: Post-combine update

It's been a minute since we've put out a Bracketology. A ton of players decided to test the NBA draft waters. A ton more guys entered the transfer portal. We've seen a few major coaching changes. Recruits continue to sign. A few decided to turn the tables and go somewhere

Iowa basketball offseason disaster continues

Iowa trailed Tennessee 44-19 before storming back to tie the game at 71. Twenty-five points would tie for the largest comeback in NCAA Tournament history. What a moment it would be to advance the Iowa basketball program into the Sweet 16. Since then, it's been all bad news for Hawkeye hoops.

NBA Mock Draft: Three rounds

The NBA Combine wrapped up this weekend in Chicago. No major news yet on who is all staying or going back to college. Even Zion might be playing for Duke in November. Doubt it, but it might happen. NBA Mock Draft season is heating up. Some analysts will have one round,

Michigan basketball is a better job than UCLA

Not to brag, but I know how to read. I try to get my hands on one book a year, and that mostly ends unsuccessfully, but I do read a lot of sports articles mostly right before bed. Puts me right to sleep. And because I am a better sports

Michigan basketball coaching search

Earlier this week, John Beilein left the Michigan basketball team to take his final step in the coaching ranks with the Cleveland Cavaliers. This sucks for the Big Ten and it sucks for Michigan, but when your coach leaves, you gotta hire a new one. Makes sense, right? A coachless