Wisconsin basketball: The ultimate friend zone

Welp, it’s another tough moment for Wisconsin basketball recruiting as the Badgers missed out on the Hauser brothers. Imagine being the guy using unnamed sources that said Sam and Joey Hauser to Wisconsin basically a done deal and sticking with it for an entire month before it all blowing up in your face. What an idiot that guy would be.

Sam announced he’s headed to Virginia, and Joey is Michigan State bound despite multiple reports that said the Hausers verbally committed to Greg Gard. They refute that claim, but there was obviously some sort of miscommunication between them and people inside the Wisconsin program.

Believe it or not I’m still single, but people in the dating game say there is a fine line between a strong like and love. This is likely where the confusion set in. Gard felt a strong connection, while the Hausers decided to start seeing other programs. Wisconsin basketball is the ultimate friend-zone team. I understand the feeling as a person who constantly finds himself in the friend z…. Ha no, I’m kidding. I don’t have any friends either.

But why wouldn’t ya like a guy like Greg Gard? He seems to be a fine, easy-going humble man with his dream job going about his daily life striving to make Wisconsin basketball great again one gritty, high-motored, deceptively athletic player at a time. He’s easily likeable, but is he lovable? It’s up for debate.

Gard gets people to commit to him right away, but for whatever reason just cannot maintain that long-term relationship. We saw this with the Hauser brothers, and we saw this recently with another in-state player Tyler Herro, who was committed to the program for more than a year before bolting for Kentucky a month before Signing Day.

It’s a classic case of overselling yourself on the first date. Gard shows up lookin’ sharp, confident and ready to show the best version of himself and Wisconsin basketball. Flattering at first, but all three of those players probably grew tired of the same jokes and flirtation tactics and looked elsewhere for more attractive options.

Look at Tony Bennett. First of all, there is no more handsome man ever to coach college basketball. And he just won himself a national title. Tom Izzo is absolutely loved by his players, and John Calipari can provide his guys with the most money possible, both in the NBA and while they’re playing at Kentucky.

Each one of these coaches have their thing. Bennett has the looks, Izzo has the fiery passion you want and Calipari has the cold, hard cash.

We’re about 17 months away from the Hausers suiting up with their new squads. A lot can happen between now and then and if the two come available a third time, you’d have to pin Wisconsin as the heavy favorites.

Greg Gard needs to find his edge to compete with the big boys for the next big-time recruit. Otherwise, it’ll be just another meanlingless fling.

Photo courtesy of UWBadgers.com

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