Big 10/ACC Challenge matchups

I for one absolutely love the Big 10/ACC Challenge. It’s a fantastic few days I look forward to every college basketball season. Does it matter a whole lot when we get to March? Probably not, but any time you can get conferences battling for supremacy, it’s a good time for all involved. I’m already brainstorming angles to attack SEC fans this fall.

Every power conference should be doing this with every power conference in every sport. It’s fun to see different matchups between similar programs you otherwise never see. This should happen more often especially in college basketball when there is a significant lack of interest in November and December.

Earlier today, the Big 10/ACC Challenge matchups were announced, and we’ve got some good ones so get excited, folks. It should be a good time for all involved. Unless the Big 10 loses of course, in which case this is a lame event branded for a quick money grab when times are slow in college hoops.

Fourteen games will be played in three days beginning on December 2.

Big 10/ACC Challenge matchups

Monday, Dec. 2

Miami @ Illinois
Clemson @ Minnesota

Tuesday, Dec. 3

Florida State @ Indiana
Iowa @ Syracuse
Michigan @ Louisville
Duke @ Michigan State
Northwestern @ Boston College
Rutgers @ Pitt

Wednesday, Dec. 4

Notre Dame @ Maryland
Nebraska @ Georgia Tech
Ohio State @ North Carolina
Wake Forest @ Penn State
Virginia @ Purdue
Wisconsin @ NC State

We’re only six months away from these games happening. If that’s not getting you excited for college hoops season, I don’t know what would.

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