Fans Fighting Fans: Stanley Cup

If you find a good fan fight when you’re at a game, please record it and send it on over to Deceptive Speed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email to be on the next edition of Fans Fighting Fans. We’ll have a full breakdown and analysis of each and every fan fight we can find. Remember, nothing shows your love of a sports team quite like a punch to the face.

The most spoiled fans in America are at it again. This is how Boston fans react to possibly not winning a championship in one of the four major sports? Actually, no because they did the exact same thing during the Patriots Super Bowl parade.

These dudes just love to toss fists, and it’s hard not to respect ’em for it. As long as nobody is getting killed or seriously injured, a face punch here and there is good for the soul.

The St. Louis Blues took a 3-2 series lead in the Stanley Cup Finals on Thursday night, and Boston Bruins fans are not happy about it one bit. Nobody knows what to do when a Boston team loses, and they all resorted to punching Blues fans and even punching fellow Bruins fans. It’s a complete mess out there.

Twitter was filled with fan fight videos from the game. Let’s break it all down and see what we’re dealing with here.

Fights #1 and #2

So much to get to here. In the initial fight, we’ve got a little jawing. Older man yells at the youngster, and the youngster goes with the classic “oooh I’m so scared” approach. He should have stuck with that strategy because once you douse a guy with beer, it’s definitely go time for all parties. If you’re going to waste a beer like that, you deserve a face punch. No doubt about it.

Then out of nowhere, a second fight breaks out. I’m not sure what exactly led to this, but my theory is it’s similar to contagious yawning. If you see somebody yawn, you’re likely to yawn yourself. If you see somebody punch somebody, you react accordingly.

As the judge of stadium bouts, I’m giving the older fella the win in fight #1. In fight #2, it’s pretty unclear who came out the winner, but I’ve got a lot of respect for the white t-shirt guy. In most cases, the guy going up the steps is at a massive disadvantage as opposed to the fighter engaging from above. Low man wins in a lot of situations, but not in stadium fighting.

A little disappointed in the cameraman here. It looked like we were headed for the rare in-stadium body slam from the older gentleman, but the video ends abruptly.

Final thought: The Stone Cold entrance music during the fight was absolutely incredible timing. The stars aligned with this one.

Fight #3

This was absolutely no contest. St. Louis fan wins with no questions asked. However, pretty impressive that Bruins fan caught himself as he was tossed down the steps going backwards. Usually that ends in disaster, but he recovered. It still ended badly as he came back to catch a mean right hook before being taken to the ground. The Blues won in all phases of the game on Thursday night.

Fans Fighting Fans has been just as entertaining as the action on the ice if not more. Regardless, nobody is safe when Boston teams win or if Boston teams lose.

Be safe if you’re heading to Game 6 on Sunday night.

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