Big 12 football predictions - Week 3

big 12 football

So I was a little cocky in saying Big 12 football would have a clean sweep last week. Obviously that wasn’t the case as a few of teams lost, and a couple struggled to get the win in the fourth quarter. This is a new week and there are only tw- huh? Baylor and Houston is postponed? Ugh fine, there’s only one Big 12 game to predict now, so let’s get into it! (50/50 shot right?)

#11 Oklahoma State vs. Tulsa

Not much to say here except Oklahoma State star running back Chuba Hubbard plans to run up and down the field with the Golden Hurricanes, and he better if he wants any shot at being 2020’s Heisman winner. This could be the year the Pokes take over the Big 12, and this will be a good test to see if they can indeed do that. Score points, Cowboys. Bring some faith back to the Big 12, and bring some credibility to me. P L E A S E.

Prediction: Oklahoma State wins