Big 12 football predictions - Week 6

big 12 football

Hey hey hey! It’s that time of the year again. The day that most Oklahomans and Texans look forward to and plan their whole day around. It’s the Red River Shootout! The most exciting rivalry in football and it’s at 11 a.m. here in CST because why wouldn’t it be? Other than that, we got two more games of Big 12 football to predict here so lets get to it!

#22 Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma

You could argue that because Oklahoma has lost the last two and Texas has come away with very close wins that should’ve been losses, that this is a toss up game. And you’re absolutely right, very intuitive reader! I have no clue who should win each of these games. We’ve got powerhouse teams that should be dominating this conference are not, and teams that don’t have a shot in the world to make the Big 12 Championship Game are seeing a little window of opportunity. The winner of this game will be one of the participants in the Big 12 Championship Game.

Prediction: Sooners win

Texas Tech vs. #24 Iowa State Cyclones

This game is still a toss up purely due to the Red Raiders having flashes of excellence on the offensive side of the ball and being somewhat decent at stopping the rush. The Cyclones are the stronger team by far, but this is the Big 12. Literally anything could happen.

Prediction: Cyclones win

Kansas State vs. TCU

If I had to pick one team, it’s going to be the Horned Frogs due to the fact they haven’t played as many games as the rest of Big 12 so they still have the ability to show the conference what they’ve got. If TCU wins this game, it will go on a huge run to take the second spot in the Big 12 football title game later in the year. If not, better luck next year.

Prediction: Horned Frogs win

Photo courtesy of Iowa State Athletics Communications