Big 12 Football Predictions - Week 7

big 12 football

Good morning fellow fans of college football. It’s been an interesting few weeks in the college football world. Big Ten is coming back in a week, Nick Saban may or not be able to coach Alabama and yet another postponed game in the Big 12. For fans expecting to see a good match up of Baylor vs. Oklahoma State, you’re out of luck. Instead we got Kansas vs. West Virginia. Oh boy. Oh and it’s at noon ET? Great. Lets get into the prediction shall we.

Kansas vs. West Virginia

Not much to predict here. Even a dog could see this match up and go, “oh West Virginia for sure” and you’d go, “My dog talks?! And they know Big 12 football matchups?!” Again, this is the Big 12 where literally anything can happen, but if I were to put money on Kansas beating a team this year, its going to be on Texas and Texas Tech. You never know, Kansas could get it together and start the rally that leads it to winning the Big 12 championship in Dallas. It’s improbable, but this is the Big 12.

Prediction: Mountaineers win