Boston College football adds 4-star QB Peter Delaportas

peter delaportas

Boston College football gained a commitment from class of 2022 Peter Delaportas of Sparta, New Jersey. Delaportas, a four-star quarterback attending Pope John XII, is the first big recruit achieved by new head coach Jeff Hafley. BC has always been a strong program, but it is a smaller school in the ACC and often a second choice to players hoping to attend Notre Dame. This high-profile commitment is a huge win for the program, so let’s see what Delaportas is bringing to the table for the Eagles.

Delaportas declined offers from Kentucky, Pittsburgh, Rutgers and Syracuse before ultimately committing to BC. It is clear he was largely recruited and very desired by many strong programs. Obtaining a player like this is, if nothing else, a good look for this new team under Hafley.

Who is Peter Delaportas?

Delaportas is 6-foot-4, 205 pounds, and if that is not enough to intimidate you, he is proficient not only in football, but also as a wrestler. He is ranked sixth in New Jersey and No. 305 nationally. On Sept. 8, he tweeted, “Proud and excited to announce my commitment to Boston College, can’t wait for the next 2 years and then on to Chestnut Hill.”

Delaportas made a name for himself in NJ. As a freshman, he had 366 yards and two touchdowns. His sophomore year, he went for 1,232 yards and eight touchdowns. A quarterback is exactly what BC needs. This kind of play is what can turn the Eagles into a terrifying force.

What he brings to BC

Impressive football stats aside, Delaportas is overall just a good athlete. He is well-rounded, which means he will bring different skills to the table. As a sophomore, he qualified for the state championships for wrestling, proving his success as a multi-sport athlete.

One interesting piece of this commitment is that it was made early after only two high school football seasons. Delaportas did this intentionally, telling BC Bulletin he “wanted to commit early to hopefully bring in other top recruits.” He went on to say that he already felt that BC was the place for him, and he wants to be its future quarterback.

Yes, Delaportas is talented, but it is this passion that will really serve the Eagles once he joins the roster. Anyone can throw a ball (granted, maybe not as well as him), but a QB who loves his team is invaluable. I predict that he will be the kind of player who puts his team over his own career. This early commitment and excitement to join Boston College football is indicative of that.