Boston College football: Newfound humility will be team’s biggest strength

Boston College football is in the business of giving its fans heart attacks this season.

On Saturday night, everything between Boston College and Texas State came down to the last couple minutes of the fourth quarter. BC was trailing 21-7 in a game it was supposed to win by 21. With 1:11 left, Boston College tied it up and went on to win 24-21 on Aaron Boumehri’s 36-yard field goal.

How this happened

Head coach Jeff Hafley knew this would be a close game. Despite being the overwhelming favorite, Hafley did not let his team take this game lightly. And he was right not to. According to ESPN, after the win, he explained the way he mentally prepped his team for this game. “We didn’t take them for granted,” he said. “I told the team we were going to win it in the fourth. That’s how we’re going to play. I respected our opponent, and we went out and did that.”

And it’s a good thing Hafley’s team did not take them for granted because Texas State never gave it the chance to. The fact that this game was won in the fourth quarter is concerning for a Boston College team that finished its first game with accolades of potential.

If BC cannot play a clean game against a weak team and come out with a solid win, what will happen when it begins to play the tougher part of the schedule? This kind of play will not survive against North Carolina on Saturday.

What this attitude means

If there is one positive to draw from this close win, it is the attitude Hafley seems to be instilling into his team. Take no one for granted. And if you do, you’ll need to work really hard to win. Despite the final score, this game was not a win for Boston College, it was just concerning. At this point, Boston College fans can only hope they are not completely embarrassed this weekend. Hopefully this game can serve as a scare for the team, and it comes out ready to fight from the beginning on Saturday.

After last season, BC needed to step up its mental game. Hafley stepped in like the parent Boston College football needs. This aspect is too often overlooked, and an unchecked ego can ruin a perfectly good team. Boston College is a team with a lot of potential, which can only be unlocked if the players keep their heads down and do their job. As the schedule begins to get more difficult, we will be able to see how BC performs as underdogs. If it can buy into the humble mindset Hafley is pushing, BC has the opportunity to turn this season around.

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