Boston College football: Zay Flowers, Phil Jurkovec emerge as stars

Boston College football has something of a dangerous pair emerging on its roster. In a year with a lot of uncertainty surrounding the schedule and the new coaching staff, fans are waiting to see how the players step up this season. A team is nothing without leaders. It needs players who can be counted on to show up and play well in tight games. As proven in recent games, Boston College has found these types of players in quarterback Phil Jurkovec and wide receiver Zay Flowers.

Recent awards

Both players earned ACC honors this week, proving they are currently the top two on BC’s roster. Jurkovec received co-quarterback of the week after completing 19 of 35 passes for 358 yards against Pitt. This was not Jurkovec’s first standout performance this season, as he has continued to prove he is a leader on the team.

Flowers was named receiver of the week for the second time this season, making him the first receiver at BC to win this award more than once in a season. And he earned it. He had three touchdowns against Pitt, solidifying himself as the current highest scorer on the team.

Jurkovec and Flowers together

These two have prevailed as a great pair for Boston College. Their consistently strong gameplay together is especially impressive on a BC team that has been sloppy this season. Without these two, the Eagles would not have competed as closely in any of their games this season. The two of them don’t give up. When BC was losing to North Carolina, Jurkovec responded to a UNC touchdown by completing five passes in a row in the last minute of the first half. This then set his team up for a field goal. This is a guy that does not give up. It seems he is inspiring his teammates to have the same mindset, as BC continues to play competitively until the end of the game.

Jurkovec is complemented well by Flowers. So long as he gets the ball, he gets yardage. The guy can move a lot at once. Against Duke, he only had five catches but managed to go for 162 yards. He leads the team in total rushing yards this season with 408 so far. This kind of leader on the offense is essential, especially considering how Boston College loves to play tight games. Flowers can be depended on to put numbers up on the board.

Boston College needs them

A quarterback and wide receiver who have chemistry on the field change the dynamic of a team. Obviously, a football team needs someone who can throw and someone who can catch. But, some players stand out and do more than that. Jurkovec and Flowers play beautifully together. Boston College, a team that has spent the season playing in close games, needs players like them to step up and get the team in a position to win. Otherwise, Boston College football will be its own biggest obstacle. It would not be surprising if these two players continue to receive conference honors this season and lead BC to some big wins.