Bracketology: December 15, 2020

The eye test will be very important for Bracketology this season. Teams are already into conference play and will more than likely not play a non-conference opponent for the rest of the season. There can’t be any, “This team didn’t play anyone” talk. Or “Who did they play?” Non-conference SOS or SOR means squat. Every day there is college basketball is a gift. You never know if any of these teams could be in the NCAA Tournament especially when it comes low mid-majors. A conference tournament could all of a sudden be canceled and they send the regular season champion to the NCAA Tournament. That’s why every game is important this season.

Are we allowed to do a Bracketology and not include Kentucky or Duke? Both look awful. The Wildcats lost to Richmond and Kansas who are both tournament teams right now. But Georgia Tech and Notre Dame are head scratchers. Duke’s only two losses are two of the best in the Big Ten, but both were home and the Blue Devils should’ve at least split with Michigan State and Illinois. I mean Coach K did push for his Champions Classic game to be played at Cameron. Duke called off its final two non-conference games and will be playing Notre Dame tonight.

It really sucked that Gonzaga-Baylor was canceled, but fingers crossed, hopefully Iowa vs. Gonzaga is still on for Saturday. But it’s all one big Goat Rodeo like the great Jon Rothstein always says. Wisconsin though is doing a good job with scheduling. The Badgers were able to reschedule the game against Louisville and after Northern Iowa had to cancel, they got a game with Loyola-Chicago. We’re adjusting and games are still being played.

I recommend following Jon Rothstein for all college basketball scheduling news. Another note I thought about while putting the bracket together: I never extend the bubble to 12 teams this late, but with small sample sizes, you’ll be getting the first 12 out until further notice.

I would also like to say I am praying and thinking about Keyontae Johnson for Florida. It is such a scary situation. Hope that young man can make a full-recovery and rejoin his teammates real soon.

As always we’ll be on the Bracket Matrix throughout the season.

Pod 1

1 Gonzaga
16 Mount Saint Mary’s/Prairie View A&M

8 Xavier
9 Virginia Tech

5 Michigan
12 Western Kentucky

4 Louisville
13 Vermont

6 Florida
11 NC State/Arizona State

3 Wisconsin
14 Colgate

10 Colorado

2 Kansas
15 Little Rock

Pod 4

1 Villanova
16 Stephen F. Austin

8 Indiana

5 Clemson
12 South Dakota State

4 Illinois
13 Winthrop

6 Ohio State
11 Arizona

3 Texas

10 UConn

2 Houston
15 St. Peter’s

Pod 2

1 Baylor
16 Sacramento State/Norfolk State

8 Missouri
9 Stanford

5 Rutgers
12 SMU/Seton Hall

4 San Diego State
13 Drake

6 Creighton
11 Arkansas

3 Virginia
14 Ohio

7 Syracuse
10 Oklahoma

2 Michigan State
15 Western Carolina

Pod 3

1 Iowa
16 Illinois-Chicago

8 Richmond
9 Marquette

5 Saint Louis
12 New Mexico State

4 Tennessee
13 Liberty

6 Texas Tech
11 Alabama

3 Florida State
14 Murray State

7 Oregon
10 Duke

2 West Virginia
15 Elon

Last four byes


Last four in

NC State
Arizona State
Seton Hall

First four out

Penn State

Next four out


Four more

Ole Miss
Saint Mary’s

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