Brad Davison Chronicles: Part XI

Look for the Brad Davison Chronicles trickling out every morning until we get all caught up. Just know I am going to be watching closely the grittiest, guttiest, deceptive speediest, Wes Welker-type, high-motored man in America and scour the internet for people who have done him dirty. You’ve been warned. Tweet with caution.

Wisconsin didn’t look so great in the first half against Milwaukee but when Brad Davison is on the floor for your team, you know you’ve got a shot to win right up until that final buzzer.

Brad Davison lit up the stat sheet once again in Wisconsin’s blowout win over Milwaukee going for three points on 0 of 3 shooting from the floor including a pair of 3-pointers he just barely missed. Davison absolutely drained 3 of 4 free throws and beautifully dished out five assists with four much-needed rebounds and what some are calling the steal of the century.

We didn’t get a whole lot of in-game tweets, but enough to go around before and after the contest.

Thanks to all who have participated. Brad Davison Chronicles: Part XI.

Sounds like Brad Davison got his foot stomped on once again. End. Victim. Blaming.

I bet there is a part of the day where @AllDaySportTalk doesn’t talk about sports.

Put that hand down.

No it’s not.

You want Brad Davison to decrease his free throw percentage by double digits?

Without looking I’m gonna assume NC State fans care more about Brad Davison than anybody else cares about anything.

Cmon, Mr. Grit. Racism is a real issue in this country.

Same time tomorrow, knuckleheads.

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