Brad Davison Chronicles: Part XIX

Look for the Brad Davison Chronicles trickling out every day until we get all caught up. Just know I am going to be watching closely the grittiest, guttiest, deceptive speediest, Wes Welker-type, high-motored man in America and scour the internet for people who have done him dirty. You’ve been warned. Tweet with caution.

Wisconsin handled Nebraska, and Brad Davison dazzled the college basketball community with four 3-pointers for a team-high 14 points. How much did Wisconsin win by? 14 points. Brad Davison saves the day once again.

College basketball’s most hated man also grabbed six rebounds with an assist, a steal and only four fouls.

It’s a basketball game that involves Brad Davison, so we found the best of the Brad Davison hate tweets and fired back to protect this man’s name, his honor and his integrity.

Thanks to all who have participated. Brad Davison Chronicles: Part XIX.

There are over 400,000 NCAA student-athletes, and just about all of us will be going pro in something other than sports.

Brad Davison played football in high school, Ryan. Still trying to adjust to the rules of basketball.

Find new friends, Mason. I’m an A+ friend if you need one. I typically bring the chips.

If you’re going to criticize fake hustle, you’re calling out 100% of the American workforce when the boss arrives.

Wisconsin desperately needs to get better throwback uniforms.

Did that hashtag end up trending?

Don’t be disrespectful. I was the scout team manager for the junior varsity in high school and never got my shot at the varsity level. Tough job.

New friends, Mason.

Same time tomorrow, knuckleheads.

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