Deceptive Speed LIVE Trailer

College sports are finally here, and we’re here to announce the addition of a brand new show to Deceptive Speed’s podcasting network - it’s called Deceptive Speed LIVE, a daily podcast dedicated to college football and college basketball. It will also be streamed live on Deceptive Speed’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook accounts starting at 8 a.m. ET, 7 a.m. CT.

We’ll have a guest on every episode to bring you the best perspectives from across the country. We’ll talk upcoming matchups, we’ll talk recruiting, we’ll talk scandal and yes of course we will talk some gambling that I guarantee will make us all rich.

It all starts this Thursday, September 3. So stop what you’re doing and subscribe NOW to Deceptive Speed LIVE wherever you get your podcasts, so you can start your morning with Deceptive Speed LIVE.