Jalen Rose is mad we don’t call Lamar Jackson sexy

2020 is just a few weeks old, but it’s possible we have an early candidate for the wildest tweet of the year right off the bat with the absolute fire brought by Jalen Rose over the weekend. Not enough people are calling Lamar Jackson attractive and he’s got somethin’ to say about it.

I have 26 years of heterosexuality under my belt but I’ll be damned if Jimmy Garoppolo ain’t the sexiest son of a bitch on the planet regardless of gender. Lamar Jackson? I don’t know, just an average lookin’ fella who’s very good at tossin’ the pigskin around.

For years, people compared Tom Brady and Peyton Manning to decide which quarterback is the GOAT. People went back and forth comparing stats, records and everything you could think of. You know what they didn’t compare? They didn’t compare who’s easier on the eyes because Tom Brady is widely considered to be the best looking man to ever put on an NFL uniform, while Peyton Manning’s forehead makes up nearly half his 6-foot-5 frame.

Who’s the most attractive man in America right now? I Googled it because I’m a man of research and results say Brad Pitt is currently in that top spot.

In the words of Jalen Rose, it’s lazy how the media constantly refers to Brad P’s appearance. Why not do the same for Erik??


By the time I got to the end of this article, I recalled another 2020 tweet that probably tops Jalen’s and may be difficult to pass the rest of the year. Keep on firin’ Jalen. You’ve gotta work to beat this one.