Let’s get Mike Leach to Mississippi State

Holiday season is over, but Mike Leach to the SEC would be one mighty fine last gift to college football. He apparently interviewed with Mississippi State, and he’s kept no secrets about wanting to get out of Washington State, nearly getting the Tennessee job a few years ago.

If he gets it, Mike Leach is in charge of a team going up against LSU, Alabama, Auburn and Texas A&M and that’s just in your own division, not to mention Georgia and Florida on the other side. Not the best place to go if the goal is to win the national championship, but that’s only realistic for about seven teams each year anyways.

What would success look like for Mississippi State under Mike Leach? Success would be exactly what Mike Leach has done at Texas Tech and Washington State. Win seven games a year, every once in a while strike gold to contend for a conference title. And provide an occasional press conference rant about the history of alien sightings.

What would failure look like? Failure would be recruiting anybody in the Craig James family. Yeah, I went there. Aside from that, it would be lack of immediate success the first two years, fans turn on him and get sick of his antics, he goes too far on an angry tirade and he gets fired pissing off the bosses of Mississippi State.

Leach spent the past 20 years hidden in Lubbock, Texas and Pullman, Washington and would join quite the cast of characters in the SEC. If this ultimately happens, we would be living in a world in which Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin, Ed Orgeron, Jimbo Fisher, Gus Malzahn and Mike Leach are all in the same division.

Start filming the reality show now.

Photo courtesy of WSUCougars.com

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