LSU football 2021 recruiting class

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The 2020 LSU football season has not been all that favorable for anyone. This team has seen better days, and it has also added a lot of disappointment to its players, coaches, staff and fans.

There are no questions as to whether or not things have changed in just one year, but one thing that has not changed is the Tigers’ recruiting class. LSU still seems to have a pretty good chance at drafting some new players to the team, which can bring some hope for next season.

2020 recruiting class

With a record as great as 15-0 in the 2019 season, there was no doubt LSU should have another great season ahead of it in 2020. LSU was absolutely on fire last year, which is why no one would have ever thought the 2020 season would be as challenging for the Tigers.

Last year, LSU was moved to No. 1 in recruiting ranks on the 247Sports Composite. Two players that we have heard about lately and were recruited last year are TJ Finley and Max Johnson. Although they have some work to do, these two young men have shown a lot of talent.

Other top recruits were wide receiver Kayshon Boutte and cornerback Elias Ricks. These two young men have shown a lot of their ability this season as well.

With such a wide variety of picks, it was unquestionable regarding how well this team could play. While many people thought this was the case for the 2020 season, it turns out they were wrong.

LSU lost a lot of good players to the NFL, and it even lost a handful of coaches. These losses had a major effect on the team, and it has caused it to have a lot of upsets.

2021 recruiting class

As this season quickly flies by with only about five games left, LSU football is beginning to look at the 2021 recruiting class. LSU currently has 22 verbal commitments, which is very close to their 25-man signing limit.

One position head coach Ed Orgeron wants to expand is safety. Three safety prospects are Derrick Davis Jr., Sage Ryan and Matthew Langlois.

Other prospects for the upcoming season are defensive end Korey Foreman, defensive tackle Maason Smith, five-star offensive tackle Tristan Leigh and wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr.

Each of these players have incredible stats and they certainly look like they could bring a lot of talent to LSU in the following years.

In an interview, Orgeron said, “The phones fly around and I am talking to all of them. We text these guys and call them every day. We have developed some great relationships, and we do believe that we are going to finish very strong and have a great recruiting class.”

The way the Tigers have been playing the last couple of months sure have not been what we wanted to see. However, the upcoming recruiting trail seems promising for next year, and it gives fans the hope they need to get through the rest of this season.

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