LSU football: Struggles partly due to departed coaches

Although this LSU football season has not gone the way anyone expected it to, the Tigers still have a very solid team. It is certainly not as successful as it was last year, but it does have its moments.

The prosperity of the 2019 offense has one man to thank on the coaching staff, and his name is Joe Brady. He was a top dog in LSU’s offensive coaching staff who was brought to the team in 2019 by head coach Ed Orgeron. Brady was named the passing game coordinator for LSU football and last year, he turned LSU’s offense into the top-ranked offense.

Joe Brady

Brady was first found when the New Orleans Saints coaches were invited to LSU’s campus to talk shop. This man stood out so much that Orgeron was not even there at the time of the meeting. After Orgeron heard about the star coach and talked to many close colleagues, he decided to welcome Brady to the program.

This was the start of a new era with the Tigers as he quickly turned their football program around and led them to the national championship. After the Tigers brought on Brady, they were seeing results immediately.

Brady even helped players get to the NFL. Justin Jefferson is one of those players who is now a star wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings. Another player is Joe Burrow, who is now the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. Although the credit was not given to just Brady, he definitely deserves a huge cut.

The two new NFL stars Burrow and Jefferson were surely a huge loss to the LSU football program this year because they are both so incredibly strong and unstoppable.

Sadly, Brady said his goodbye to LSU after the 2019 season. He is now back with the NFL and is currently the offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers. Although Brady was with LSU for only a short period of time, this program has not been the same.

LSU replaced Brady with veteran NFL assistant Scott Linehan. Prior to being the passing game coordinator for LSU, he was the head coach of the St. Louis Rams. He was also previously the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Dolphins, Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions. Despite the fact that he has been a help to the team, he is no Joe Brady.

Dave Aranda

Another huge loss to the program was defensive coordinator Dave Aranda. He also helped lead the Tigers to the 2019 national championship. Because of Aranada, last year the LSU defense was incredible.

This year, however, LSU’s defense has not looked its best under new defensive coordinator is Bo Pelini, who was brought on after being the head coach at Youngstown State. LSU’s defense has changed a lot since Aranda was with the team, and it has not been a good change. Their defensive line has weakened and you can see that with the amount of points given up this year.

Aranda assisted both Patrick Queen and K’Lavon Chaisson in getting drafted into the NFL. Queen is now a linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens and Chaisson is a defensive end for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Even though Brady and Aranda worked with different sections of LSU football, these two coaches created a powerhouse team when they worked together. Their talent and skill allowed them to assist LSU with winning a championship, and their absence is hugely missed.