LSU football vs. Alabama postponed

As stated multiple times before, this year’s season has not been all that favorable for LSU football. It would seem after its 2019 season it had last year, Tigers fans would look forward to the big game against Alabama. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

COVID-19 has gotten in the way of LSU’s playing time yet again with another postponed game against Alabama. A new date has not been announced but if they were to reschedule, it will not be until at least mid-December. If this game is not rescheduled, fans on both sides will be very upset as LSU and Alabama are huge rivals.

Another week off allows the Tigers to have more practice time and prepare for their next game. If the Alabama game is pushed to the end of the season, it will give LSU even more time to figure everything out and hopefully pull out a few wins before then.

With Myles Brennan probably out for the rest of the season, it will be extremely hard on freshman TJ Finley to keep up with Alabama. Finley has less experience than most players and needs a lot more practice time to level up to their standards.

If the game would happen this Saturday, the team and the fans would not have liked the outcome for LSU. Due to the way LSU has been playing this year, this postponement is probably a sign of relief for its fans as it is clear to see they are not ready to take on such a high caliber football team like Alabama with a current record of 6-0.

What if it happens?

In order for LSU to beat Alabama when they do play against each other, LSU must come together as a team and compete on both sides of offense and defense. In order to give Finley an easier time passing the ball, its running game has to find ways to help him and the rest of the team get downfield into scoring position.

As for running backs, Tyrion Davis-Price and John Emery Jr. need not only to be able to run routes but they need to also be able to catch passes so it gives Finley more options and helps confuse Alabama’s defense. LSU’s offensive line really needs to step up to help give Finley more time, especially since he is a freshman with little experience with college ball. The O line also needs to create holes for Davis-Price and Emery to be able to gain some yards, and possibly even score.

LSU’s defense needs to apply a lot of pressure to a very skilled Alabama offense. Sacks and no big plays are a must if the Tigers want a chance at winning this game. LSU’s secondary must hold Alabama’s talented passing game to short gains.