LSU football vs. Auburn Preview

After coming off of a strong team win against the South Carolina Gamecocks, LSU football will look to continue the momentum against a struggling Auburn team. Last week’s game is exactly what the Tigers are all about and proved many expectations of this team can be met.

If we look at the 2018 matchup between these two teams, Auburn kept the score very close with LSU, winning by one point. Both teams are very different this year. They have new talent but really struggled to show their full capabilities.

Although Myles Brennan is hurt, quarterback TJ Finley has a big opportunity to take over this game if Brennan does not return this week. It would be a huge upside for Brennan to be back in action this weekend, but it looks like he will need to sit out another week.

At the SEC teleconference, head coach Ed Orgeron said, “I don’t believe that he’s going to play, but things could change.”

LSU still have all the offensive weapons they need in order to pull this win off, with or without injuries. This shows just how strong their program really is. If Finley starts the game, he will lean more on the running game than Brennan would due to the fact that Auburn has a weak defensive line.

With weapons in the backfield like Tyrion Davis-Price and John Emery, it will be much more difficult to stop the run defense with all of their speed and agility. On the passing side, team leader Terrace Marshall Jr. should pick apart this Auburn secondary. Marshall is averaging 19 yards per reception, which makes him a huge threat to Auburn.

If the LSU defense can keep up the same momentum from last week, Auburn’s offense will not have a very good chance to score. They may not even be able to keep up with LSU’s scoring. The amount of pressure and sacks that happen against the Gamecocks needs to remain the same or even better if LSU wants to slide with an easy win.

We talked about freshman BJ Djulari, who had three of the five sacks in the last game. He is going to need to keep this up against Auburn quarterback Bo Nix if he expects a win. Nix has thrown four interceptions and six touchdowns through six games. This means the LSU defense can easily make a turnover or two and keep Nix from scoring.

Not only will LSU have to stop Nix, it is going to have to stop the run. Auburn freshman Tank Bigsby is truly a tank at running back and is going to be hard to stop.

LSU football is going to have another win in the books this weekend after it absolutely pounds Auburn into the ground. If Brennan does recover from his injury this weekend, he will be able to throw the ball downfield and get LSU in the red zone where Davis-Price can run it in for a few touchdowns.