LSU football vs. Florida postponed due to COVID-19

As LSU football was preparing for Week 4 against the Florida Gators at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, it has been announced the game will now be postponed to Dec. 12.

There has been a spike in COVID-19 cases within Florida’s program. Just last week, Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis announced he has lifted COVID-19 restrictions and is allowing all Florida stadiums to be at full capacity. Florida’s head coach Dan Mullen even said he wants to see a packed stadium for the next game to help out his players. He noted the Texas A&M crowd played a factor in Florida’s loss.

While fans may be upset there will no longer be a game this weekend, this gives LSU another week to prepare for its game against South Carolina next week. It definitely needs to take some time and get more practice hours in so it can look better for Week 5. This will also give LSU a chance to study South Carolina’s game plan on both offense and defense. If LSU wants to turn its season around and become national champions, it is going to need to make changes on its own offense and defense.

While this provides LSU a short break, COVID-19 has had a strong influence on the 2020 football season. With most college classes being virtual, many people believed there would be no football season at all. With that being said, we knew there would be complications in the coming weeks. After all, LSU football did postpone its season three weeks later than when it normally starts.

College football players are struggling with less opportunities this season due to the pandemic. If they are not playing and have tested positive for COVID-19, this alters their season tremendously. Limited game time can allow players to lose focus and potentially lose their chance at starting in games once they have recovered.

College athletes even have the chance to opt out of this season, but this makes it even tougher for players trying to get into the NFL. This limits players’ chances at being seen by NFL scouts for the 2021 season, whether it be LSU players or not. Without the opportunity to be seen by scouts, players could potentially miss their chance at being drafted into the NFL after all of their hard work. Another thing these athletes should consider is the NFL Draft Combine. If they miss playing time, their chances at being invited to perform are lessened.

Even though COVID-19 has been a main factor at getting in the way of this football season, this has not stopped players from achieving success, along with LSU. Hard work and dedication are two key components college football players should keep in mind as they continue to play the rest of this season. Hopefully the 2021 football season will be easier on its players.