LSU football vs. South Carolina preview

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Evidently, LSU football has not had the best start to their season this year. Despite the fact it is currently 1-2, it can turn this season around with just a few adjustments to both its offense and defense. Because of its losing start, Myles Brennan has faced quite a bit of criticism but he definitely brings a lot to the table as LSU’s starting quarterback.

Due to the game being postponed this past weekend against the Florida Gators, LSU had an extra week off to prepare for its game against South Carolina. At first, it was said this time off would give its offensive leader Brennan time to rest and mend his shoulder that he injured in the game against the Missouri Tigers. Unfortunately though, he still is not ready to play against South Carolina.

During the last week, it has been in question whether Max Johnson or TJ Finley will take Brennan’s place in Week 5. Yesterday, it was decided that LSU will turn to Finley to start the game. Johnson will also get a chance to play according to coach Ed Orgeron and he also said that the battle between these two athletes “could have been a flip of the coin.”

What Players Can Do To Help

Both Johnson and Finley have yet to play in their first collegiate game, which can certainly be nerve wracking to each of them, along with the rest of the players. This will cause a tremendous amount of pressure on the two young freshmen which is why LSU needs to figure out a way to ease that.

One thing LSU needs to be certain of this Saturday is its defense. The defensive line can use improvement as it has not looked so promising in the last few games. LSU must work harder at slowing down South Carolina’s offense and needs to stop plays if it expects a win. It needs tighter man coverage and needs to stop allowing the big deep ball plays to happen. LSU also needs to apply more pressure on South Carolina’s quarterback Ryan Hilinski.

When it comes to LSU’s offense, it needs to run the ball more efficiently and make plays. Wide receiver Terrace Marshall Jr. has had an incredible season thus far and has scored seven touchdowns. If Finley keeps his eye on Marshall, there is no doubt he can continue this streak and lead LSU to another win.

LSU’s starting running back Chris Curry is also another prominent player Finley needs to be on the lookout for. In his collegiate football career, he has had a total of 191 rushing yards and he will certainly fight for first downs.

One of two things can happen this Saturday; LSU either walks away with a win making it 2-2, or it suffers from another loss. With Brennan being gone, this could potentially cause another upset to LSU, but fans must have faith in both Finley and Johnson to bring another win to the team and help turn the season around. It will definitely be a good game to watch against the Gamecocks.