LSU football: What we learned vs. Vanderbilt

After a difficult loss in its first game, LSU football came back better than ever in Week 2 and defeated Vanderbilt 41-7. If you missed Game 1, you would have never expected the Tigers to lose to a team like Mississippi State. After all, LSU had a championship-winning season the previous year. Fans were even nervous heading into the weekend because of the unexpected loss, but LSU left the evening with a victory.

Passing game sees improvement

The offensive line had quite a performance Saturday night. Some key players who stood out for LSU were Myles Brennan, Terrance Marshall Jr., Jontre Kirklin and John Emery Jr. Brennan completed 23 of 37 passes for 337 yards with four touchdowns. Two of those touchdowns were caught by Marshall, and the other two were caught by Kirklin.

In Brennan’s postgame interview, he spoke about them saying, “Those guys, when they have the ball in their hands, they are going to make plays. They do it really well.”

It is clear Brennan has big expectations for these two wide receivers who can make the big plays to help steer the Tigers to victory.

Brennan made some improvements from his first game of the season, which included getting to an early lead that got the momentum going from there. When the Tigers scored in that first quarter, they set the tone and showed Vanderbilt they meant business. The mistakes Brennan made in Week 1 were surely helpful in allowing him to make corrections and throw plenty of good passes against the Commodores.

No issues in running game

LSU’s starting tailback Chris Curry was unable to play in the game against Vanderbilt due to an illness. In place of him, Tyrone Davis-Price started the game, and Emery finished the game. Both made some productive plays that showed us what we have to look forward to. Davis-Price finished with 29 yards on eight carries. Emery stepped up in and made plays as well. Emery’s final carry came early in the fourth quarter, but he gained 103 yards on 12 carries and scored on a 12-yard run. This last touchdown allowed LSU to end the game with a 34-point lead.

In a postgame interview, LSU head coach Ed Orgeron stated, “We never panicked, we stuck to what we know, and we played solid football. There were fewer mistakes in this football game than there were in the first.”

Orgeron seemed to be extremely proud of the LSU boys after this game and seems certain they will continue to make improvements as they weeks go by.

If the Tigers continue to play how they did on Saturday, they are certain to come out on top by the end of the season. The talent is unmatched, and they seem to have a lot to bring to the table. After seeing their mistakes from this week, they will play even better in Week 3 against Missouri.