Meet UCF football writer Antoine B. Maalouf

Hello to all and Knight Nation!

My name is Antoine Almaalouf, born and raised in Orlando Florida. Growing up I had a passion for sports playing basketball and football my entire life. When I got to high school I thought to myself I want to be a Division I athlete regardless of the sport so I decided to pursue playing college football when I graduated high school.

My adventures took me to Juco’s in Northern California to a walk-on program at the University of Oregon to training with the University of Central Florida’s football team. Although I did not make the team, I did find that the experience taught me more than ever about life and what it takes at the higher levels of sports. This steered me in the direction that sports is really where I wanted to be for the rest of my life.

I am a people person, so I love to use my voice to make a difference but also in the sports world. Central Florida has been the focal point of the state of Florida and its college football teams. Over the past four seasons, UCF has had the most success on the football field in the state yet don’t have the national coverage respect that they deserve.

This season, I will take you on my journey as I report for UCF. Not only will I give you the most reliable information, but a unique perspective following the UCF football and basketball teams from the inside. I’m looking forward to connecting with others but most importantly giving you content you will enjoy here exclusively at

Go Knights and Charge on!