Midweek Bracketology 2/12/2020

The midweek Bracketology is a little late today, but that’s alright. I worked last night and broke a vacuum this morning, so I had to fix that. Finally I got the house to myself and finished this bracket. Purdue, Mississippi State and Arkansas all lost. The Boilermakers just needed to win at Mackey Arena and there wouldn’t be an issue. The Bulldogs and Razorbacks lost games they shouldn’t have. The only other game that had an impact was Virginia winning to keep them alive.

Two Big Ten teams are below the cut line. Minnesota can’t win road games, and Indiana lost at home on a day that Bob Knight returned. The Hoosiers are a hard one. They have a better record than a few Big Ten teams in, but their NET is above 60. Minnesota is just one game above .500 and 55 in the KPI.

I might as well talk about the Bracket reveal real quick. I had all 16 teams correct but was off on a few seeds. The one that got me most upset was West Virginia as a 2 seed and Maryland a 3. The Terps just beat Iowa on the road. But then the Mountaineers lost to Oklahoma, which now cements Maryland as a 2 seed.

I work tonight, so I’ll be reading box scores at midnight. And then Erik and I will be at the Wisconsin Herd game Thursday night. Best team in the G-League. But have no fear, there will be an updated Bracketology for Saturday morning. Enjoy the rest of your week and check us and everyone else out on the Bracket Matrix.


  1. Baylor
  2. Prairie View/North Carolina Central

  3. Wisconsin

  4. Florida

  5. Oregon

  6. Cincinnati/Purdue

  7. Marquette

  8. Stephen F. Austin

  9. Arizona

  10. Oklahoma

  11. Auburn

  12. New Mexico State

  13. LSU

  14. Xavier

  15. Maryland

  16. Little Rock


  1. Kansas
  2. Monmouth/Robert Morris

  3. Rhode Island

  4. Michigan

  5. Creighton

  6. East Tennessee State

  7. Iowa

  8. Vermont

  9. Houston

  10. Arkansas

  11. Seton Hall

  12. Wright State

  13. Illinois

  14. Mississippi State

  15. Louisville

  16. Hofstra


  1. Gonzaga
  2. Rider

  3. Texas Tech

  4. VCU

  5. Butler

  6. Yale

  7. Kentucky

  8. Akron

  9. Colorado

  10. Alabama

  11. Florida State

  12. Winthrop

  13. BYU

  14. Northern Iowa

  15. Dayton

  16. Murray State


  1. San Diego State
  2. UC Irvine

  3. Ohio State

  4. Saint Mary’s

  5. Penn State

  6. Liberty

  7. Villanova

  8. North Texas

  9. Michigan State

  10. Wichita State/USC

  11. West Virginia

  12. Colgate

  13. Rutgers

  14. Stanford

  15. Duke

  16. South Dakota State

Last four byes

Mississippi State

Last four in

Wichita State

First four out

Utah State

Next four out

Arizona State

Photo courtesy of IUHoosiers.com