National media continues to attack Nebraska football

nebraska football

Last week the Big Ten announced it will be returning to play football in 2020. It was the first Power 5 conference to opt out of the season with the intent of playing in the spring, as the Big Ten claimed there was too much uncertainty regarding COVID-19. Normally you would think the conference would provide reasons for cancelling an entire season, not the Big Ten.

All of that is beside the point now, isn’t it? Big Ten football is back and so are the Nebraska Cornhuskers. I’d like to think the Huskers played a significant role in bringing football back. The Big Ten is set to kick off its eight-game season the weekend of Oct. 24 with a ninth game played during what it is calling Champions week. Champions Week will pair up schools from across divisions. The two top-ranked teams in the division will play, and the two second place teams in the divisions will play each other and so on.

The Huskers got a big middle finger from the Big Ten when it comes to scheduling with three out of the first four games against potential division winners.

The Huskers 2020 Schedule is as follows:

  • 10/24: @ Ohio State
  • 10/31: Wisconsin
  • 11/7: @ Northwestern
  • 11/14: Penn State
  • 11/21: Illinois
  • 11/28: Iowa
  • 12/5: Purdue
  • 12/12: Minnesota

Now, I will say that the Huskers were scheduled to play all of these teams from the beginning. There seems to be a false narrative being spread Nebraska was forced to play these schools. The, “they wanted to play football so here’s football,” idea has been making its rounds across social media. The media has had it out for the Huskers since the beginning and has not made many friends in doing so.

I’ve never understood why there seems to be this feud with the Huskers and the national media from wanting to play to now saying the Big Ten purposely gave Nebraska a difficult schedule. I will admit that four-game stretch is brutal, but you don’t see the university complaining. Okay, maybe athletic director Bill Moos complained. Most importantly you don’t see Scott Frost or the players complaining. Frost has continually preached the, anyone anytime anywhere mentality, and someday that will pay off.

Until Nebraska starts to win games, every schedule is going to look as though it’s been screwed. The only way to make the media stop talking is to shut them up with results on the field.

It’d feel wrong to sit here and say the Cornhuskers are primed to make a run in 2020. It seems every year there is some sort of hype surrounding the team. After three straight losing seasons, that seems a little premature, wouldn’t you say? This year continues to shock and follow the “anything can happen” storyline.

Let’s just let 2020 do what it does best - cause chaos. Maybe the Huskers will be part of that chaos, and just maybe it will be in their favor.

Big Ten football is BACK and so is Nebraska.