NCAA will allow Trevor Lawrence to raise money for coronavirus victims

UPDATE: Trevor Lawrence responded on his Instagram story. The Athletic’s Clemson football writer Grace Raynor has been the best at covering this story. And yes I subscribe to The Athletic, which automatically makes me a better sports fan than you are.


As one of the lone truth tellers in college sports media, Deceptive Speed didn’t go after the NCAA like the rest of ’em after the GoFundMe for coronavirus victims set up by Trevor Lawrence and his girlfriend Marissa Mowry was shut down.

The NCAA was torched by everybody with a Twitter account except the quality, journalistic entity that is Deceptive Speed.


We didn’t ask to be the final source for factual news but if that’s the way it works out, we’ll own it.

Not only did the NCAA not reach out to Trevor Lawrence to shut down the fundraiser, but they reached out to Clemson University to say they will allow them to use discretion on charities to support the community during the coronavirus crisis.

As “punishment,” everybody who ran with this story needs to donate to whatever fundraiser comes from this.