Notre Dame football vs. Georgia Tech: What to expect

Notre Dame football

Notre Dame football is one week away from its biggest game of the regular season. When Clemson comes to South Bend on Nov. 7, the Irish are going to have no time for improvement. That being said, Notre Dame football needs to show Georgia Tech who is boss this weekend.

Why? We all remember Clemson’s complete 73-7 domination against the Yellow Jackets two weeks ago. Trevor Lawrence was pulled at halftime due to the lack of competition. Ian Book has yet to leave a game due to a significant lead created by the Irish. Granted, Book has not shown the potential Lawrence has, but it would be pleasing to see the Irish pull a lead like the Tigers.

A necessary boost

One of the most important aspects of this game is to see how well Notre Dame can play against the Yellow Jackets. If the Irish can pull a lead like Clemson, then Notre Dame fans would feel more comfortable going into next weekend. If the Irish only pulled a 5-10 point lead, I would be quick to say the competition between the Tigers and the Irish might not be strong. This is a test. Can Notre Dame pass?

The essentials

Notre Dame has to provide smooth victory. First, the Irish need to somehow replicate the way they played against Pitt. It was the first time Irish fans really got a glimpse of what Notre Dame football’s potential is. Yes, Georgia Tech is a different team, but the way Notre Dame played against Pitt undoubtedly portrayed all of its best qualities and improvements. Pitt had one of the toughest defenses in the ACC at the time of the game, and the Irish were still able to capitalize on the field. Georgia Tech has one of the worst third down defenses in the ACC, so the Irish should take full advantage of that.

Second, Notre Dame’s defense has to continue its dominance on third downs. Georgia Tech does not have an impressive offense, but it has improved. The passing game is stronger from previous seasons, as this season the Yellow Jackets have been able to increase their average of yards per game. In its six games so far, Georgia Tech has put up 244 yards or more in four games. The Irish cannot afford to let their guard down, this is their time to demonstrate strength.


My prediction is Notre Dame will win by at least 20 points. I would love to see a greater difference, but I do not want to jinx any opposing force that might be out there. With the Irish traveling to Atlanta, they will have to channel some inner momentum to perform well under a different stadium atmosphere.

Next week…

It is hard to avoid talking about Clemson at this point. I cannot contain my excitement for what is to come. For Irish fans, I am sure this game has been marked in their calendars for quite some time. It is a privilege to invite the Tigers to South Bend. First order of business, beat Georgia Tech. After that, all bets are on the table.

Photo by Emma Farnan | The Observer