Oklahoma football: Trap game coming vs. Kansas

oklahoma football

Oklahoma football is rolling and now it has its easiest game of the season. This weekend the Sooners are facing the 0-6 Kansas Jayhawks.

Coming off a great win in Lubbock, Oklahoma is looking to continue its run for a sixth straight Big 12 title and possible Sugar Bowl appearance. Although Kansas is not very good, the Sooners need to put this one away early and not play to its level. Oklahoma will have a bye next week before Bedlam, so if it puts the Jayhawks away early, the starters will have plenty of rest. Also, there is no reason to risk unnecessary injuries.

Kansas’ best player Pooka Williams Jr. opted out this season leaving Kansas with no playmaker. Each game this season, it has not gotten much going against anyone. Les Miles was a good hire, but it is going to take this team some time. Oklahoma is currently on a 15-game win streak against the Jayhawks but the last time the Sooners were in Norman this year, they lost. On the plus side, Oklahoma has beaten Kansas by double digits every year during this 15-game win streak.

Oklahoma needs to get going early and put this game away. That has been a problem this year for these young Sooners. Being able to make those plays that could really put the game out of reach. The defense this season has done well in the first half giving the offense a chance to extend leads. Oklahoma cannot overlook this game or expect it to be served to them on a silver platter. The Sooners have the talent to roll past Kansas, and they just need be focused and treat the Jayhawks like they’re 6-0.

Big 12 Title Hopes

Now, if the Sooners win Saturday they will have Oklahoma State, West Virginia and Baylor left on their schedule. Oklahoma State at home then away at West Virginia will their toughest stretch. Theoretically if the Sooners were to win out, they would need Iowa State and Kansas State to lose at least two more games. Oklahoma would have the head-to-head matchups against Texas and Oklahoma State, but the Wildcats and Cyclones have only one conference loss each. Plus, the Cowboys at home will be the toughest matchup for the Sooners this year. Then, having to go to Morgantown to face a hit or miss West Virginia. If Oklahoma takes each game one at a time, it should win out. It just needs the top two teams to drop a couple games in this short season.


If the Sooners come out ready to play on both sides of the ball, they should have their second string in by half time. Oklahoma does not want this to be a tough game for many reasons, but the biggest being injuries in a game that should not even be remotely close. If Oklahoma is not ready to play and thinks it’ll be a breeze then it’ll be a ball game for four quarters. I am expecting the Sooners want to win this week, so I’m taking Oklahoma 62, Kansas 10.