Oklahoma football falls to Kansas State again - what happened?

Earlier today, Oklahoma football fell to the Kansas State Wildcats 38-35. A heartbreaking upset for the Sooners, let’s break down the game and where they went wrong.

Just like I said in my preview article earlier this week, the Sooner defense was going to need to show up and show out against K-State if it didn’t want the same outcome as last year. Starting out strong, the Sooners were up 14-0 early on without a nerve in sight. After two confident touchdowns later, the Sooner defense began to fall into its old ways.

After Marvin Mims and Drake Stoops walked into the end zone, K-state began to find its rhythm offensively and it seems the Sooners got a little too comfortable on both ends. At times it seems that the Sooner defense didn’t even know what was going on after watching K-state true freshman Deuce Vaughn run all over them multiple times. It is clear that the OU defense has some serious work to do.

Though it is important to note that both Brendan Radley-Hiles as well as Dashaun White had decent games getting at least one sack. K-state still took advantage of OU’s lackluster defense today getting just enough yardage to put up three more points than the Sooners.

Now it is easy to blame it all on the Sooner D as they have been OU’s weakness for so many years, the Sooners offense really wasn’t much better.

Spencer Rattler, after having a near perfect performance in his first game of the season, threw two interceptions against K-state ending the game with a Wildcat win. With a wide open field, Rattler chose to throw to Stoops which ended the game with a Wildcat interception turn to win.

What’s next?

Today’s loss for the Sooners has many fans wondering what is next for the team. Obviously, we cannot predict what will come next, however, I hope that the unnecessary loss suffered by the Sooners will light a flame under them to step their game up on both ends of the ball.

With Oklahoma-Texas quickly approaching I can foresee the upset that the Sooners suffered today being just what they needed to take on and beat the Longhorns in Dallas in just two weeks from now. Both the Sooner defense and offense need a major attitude check with a reminder of the expectation held over them for this season.

Photo by Keegan Williams