REPORT: Big Ten football votes are in

According to Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the votes are in and Big Ten football is set to announce its 2020 plan at some point today.

So what does it mean? Is the whole conference back? Will some sit out? There have been mixed reports on whether every Big Ten team will be playing, but apparently it’s “Time for #Badgers fans and their pals across the league to celebrate” according to Potrykus, who has dominated the national media on this story.

This news comes out shortly after Nebraska president Ted Carter said an announcement is coming tonight on a hot mic he didn’t know was on.

The road to the return of Big Ten football has been a rocky one. There has been blood, there have been tears. It tore us all apart, but all is fair in love and the war on Big Ten football. And to be honest, the potential of its return damn near killed me late last week.

But we did it. It certainly appears Big Ten football is back, baby.

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