Saturday Bracketology 2/22/20

Who in their right minds schedules Baylor vs. Kansas at 11 a.m. CST?! Don’t they know I’ve had Disney on Ice tickets since Christmas? And the start time for that is 11 a.m. CST. When we got them from my fiance’s father I figured 11 a.m., that shouldn’t interfere with too many games. But nope. Game of the year isn’t changed to prime time. My Baylor Bears. The team I’ve been talking up since the first of the year. They live up to their #1 ranking. Their team is the closest to the last six national champions. So remember while I’m watching Disney characters skate around for two hours that Baylor is my team. Win or lose.

I’m guessing the show will last at most two hours because there’s another one at 3 p.m. We’re going to a hotel a half hour from where Disney on Ice is. There’s a water park where we’ll do a little swimming at, but then I’ll be able to catch up on games and watch the evening and night cap. We’ll get our second game of the day. Gonzaga vs. BYU. It’s in Provo. I was going to be worried a little if it were in Spokane, but the Cougars have home court advantage and it’s going to be nuts. I watched BYU hold off Santa Clara the other night at their place and it felt like a Tournament game. BYU will move into lock status for the NCAA Tournament with a win.

If Gonzaga were to lose, the great debate on who gets the West Regional will be heated. San Diego State has a 14-14 UNLV team at home. The Aztecs and Gonzaga are fighting for that one seed in the West. The other will end up in the East.

Duke lost earlier this week. But since teams outside of 1-7 all look alike, there was no way to move the Blue Devils down a seed line. But have no doubt, if Duke takes care of business at home vs. Virginia Tech and Gonzaga and/or San Diego State loses, Jay Bilas and Dicky V will be lobbying for Duke to be a one seed. But with the win over Duke, NC state now finds itself back in the field. The last four in and the first two out all could’ve went either way. That’s how close these teams are right now.

Enjoy your Saturday. Think about me watching Disney on Ice while one of the best basketball games of the season is on. Also check out the Bracket Matrix which is where we are along with over 100 people now.


1. Baylor
16. Prairie View A&M/Norfolk State

8. Rutgers
9. Rhode Island

5. Arizona
12. East Tennessee State

4. Penn State
13. Liberty

6. Oregon
11. NC State/Richmond

3. Villanova
14. North Texas

7. Michigan
10. Oklahoma

2. Duke
15. UC Irvine


1. Kansas
16. St. Francis PA/Siena

8. Florida
9. Wichita State

5. Iowa
12. Northern Iowa

4. Kentucky
13. Akron

6. Butler
11. Utah State

3. Florida State
14. South Dakota State

7. Illinois
10. Xavier

2. Dayton
15. Winthrop


1. Gonzaga
16. Montana

8. Wisconsin
9. Texas Tech

5. Auburn
12. Yale

4. Colorado
13. Stephen F. Austin

6. BYU
11. Indiana/Georgetown

3. Louisville
14. Hofstra

7. Ohio State
10. Arizona State

2. Creighton
15. Little Rock


1. San Diego State
16. Austin Peay

8. LSU
9. Saint Mary’s

5. Oregon
12. Vermont

4. West Virginia
13. New Mexico State

6. Houston
11. Virginia

3. Seton Hall
14. Colgate

7. Marquette
10. USC

2. Maryland
15. Wright State

Last four byes

Utah State

Last four in

NC State

First four out

Mississippi State

Next four out

South Carolina

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