State of Deceptive Speed: A new era begins

deceptive speed

Back in early January, I thought it was smart idea to dedicate most of my time building a college football/men’s basketball website called Deceptive Speed. In the following months, the NCAA Tournament didn’t happen for the first time in its 82-year history and it’s very possible college football calls it quits the year after celebrating its 150th birthday. In my research of the online media business, the threat of a pandemic never came up.

Since my timing could not have been more atrocious, it only makes sense to announce Deceptive Speed Media LLC is set to return in a period when we don’t know whether college sports will be played next month or next year.

A few months have gone by since anything published on this site but in that time, we hit the recruiting trail and identified some of the most talented writers from college campuses across the country. Like every successful college sports program, we finally got our kids into the system in year 3. Very soon we will introduce the Deceptive Speed Student Section, and I could not be more confident in what you’ll see from in the inaugural class of 2020.

The Deceptive Speed Podcast with myself and Sean Maloney will return this week and go weekly every Wednesday night/Thursday morning moving forward. A brand new podcast called Deceptive Speed University will launch soon, hosted by members of the Student Section.

We have one more surprise that may or may not happen for a while. Did I spend a bunch of time and money on something that will be completely useless? It’s certainly possible, but it will be ready whenever college football people decide college football can be played.

Whether or not college football or college hoops return at all in 2020, we’ll be here covering the two most exciting sports in America. Saturday will mark our two-year anniversary since the site began and while the future of college sports is unclear, Deceptive Speed is moving forward full steam ahead.

Let’s roll.