Texas basketball vs. Kansas State preview

Texas basketball has now lost two games in a row for the first time this season. The Longhorns match up against Kansas State this Tuesday. This is the second and final matchup between these teams. Texas won the first game with a final score of 82-67. Let’s take a look at both of these squads.

Texas offense

This offense has struggled the past two games. The Longhorns win most of the time when the offense scores above 70 points in the game. They couldn’t do that in their matchups against Baylor and Oklahoma State this past week. The starting lineup looked different back when these teams played the first time. The strategy should remain the same regardless. They had four of their five starters score in double figures. Texas should go back to that. Just move the ball around, and set up the open man.

Texas defense

Believe it or not, this defense played in a way where the Longhorns should’ve beat Oklahoma State. They had an amazing 18 steals. If a team normally gets that number of steals in a game, they more than likely win. However, the Longhorns as a team had a total of 21 turnovers, that was the biggest factor in costing them the game. This defense needs to use the steals as something positive to take away from the game. The loss stings, especially when it goes to double overtime. You need to take the both the positives and negatives, as a result, the Longhorns will improve as a team.

Kansas State offense

Texas shouldn’t allow a lot if points in this one, similar to the first game. The Longhorns defense only needs to be worried about Mike McGuirl and Nijel Pack. Both average more than 10 points this season, and the Kansas State offense runs through them. This offense should still be respected, but Kansas State hasn’t won a lot of games this year. It’s going to be a very similar outcome like the first matchup.

Kansas State defense

The last time these teams played the Longhorns scored 80-plus points. That is only the third time they had done that. Kansas State averages just under two blocks a game. Look for big men play to be crucial to the Longhorns victory. Both teams haven’t played in some time, so the Longhorns need to expect anything to happen and Kansas State to play like it’s got nothing to lose.

Looking forward

Texas is going to win this game and by a big margin. This is going to a game that the Longhorns can use to get their confidence back. They need it before this season starts to turn ugly. Everyone expected them to lose against Baylor, but it was shocking to see them lose to Oklahoma State. Texas has now dropped out of the top 10 in the standings. Look for them to start turning it around starting on Tuesday. The Longhorns still have questions about this team that need to be answered. The Longhorns will win with a final score of 78-69 in the hopes that they can go on a little bit streak to end the regular season.

Photo courtesy of KStateSports.com