Texas basketball vs. TCU preview

Texas basketball is back in the win column after its victory in a close game against Kansas State with a final score of 80-77. Now the Longhorns match up against TCU this Saturday as the Longhorns try to get back on track in this final stretch of the season. Let’s take a look at both of these squads.

Texas offense

This offense scored 80 points against Kansas State and needed every bit of it. This offense was responsible for the Longhorns’ victory. The starters are doing their thing out there every game. Where this offense is lacking is the bench contribution. The bench combined for a total of 11 points last game.

When one of the starters is in foul trouble or injured, you need to be able to rely on your bench for the time being. Bench play is so crucial to success as a team. The players who are part of the rotation need to step up. The starters can only do so much before they get gassed and need a breather. Texas reduced the number of turnovers it had last game. That was a crucial part to the win against Kansas State as well.

Texas defense

The Longhorns struggled to get steals and blocks, which is something they did well against Oklahoma State despite the loss. As a team, TCU averages quite a few turnovers every game. Texas needs to take advantage of this. This game is going to be close and similar to the Oklahoma State game. Turnovers were a crucial part in deciding that one.

TCU offense

This offense runs through two players and relies on them to be the main scorers and distributors. They are RJ Nembhard and Mike Miles. They are the only two who have a double figure scoring average this season and are number one and two in assists for the team. This strategy has worked for TCU so far, as it has decent record. It may not be ranked, but this is not a team that should be underestimated. Slowing down them two and making their teammates beat the Longhorns is the main key to victory.

TCU defense

Outside of what Nembhard and Kevin Samuel do on defense, TCU isn’t that dangerous of a team defensively. Samuel averages just under two blocks a game which is a problem. However, the Longhorns need to be more worrisome of both of their ability to steal the ball successfully. Texas must keep its eyes on these two when worrying about ball security.

Looking forward

This is a huge game for both teams. The standings in the Big 12 are so tight right now that a loss would move you from the top to the bottom or vice versa. The Longhorns have a tough stretch of games coming up. Due to all of the postponements, they will be playing four games in just eight days.

That is a very quick turnaround and they’re going to need everyone, if they want to come out of this final stretch of the season on top of the standings. Texas will win this game with a final score of 78-69.

Photo courtesy of KStateSports.com