Texas Football vs. Baylor Preview

After a bye week and two consecutive losses, Texas football is back on the field. It will resume this season against Baylor this Saturday. Let’s break down the matchup between these teams.

Texas Offense

The problems this season haven’t come from the offense. It’s been a backbone for the team this year and is the main reason Texas has two wins so far. Sam Ehlinger has been tremendous this season. He did have two turnovers against Oklahoma two weeks ago but other than that, he’s had a respectable season.

Ehlinger has had 1,211 passing yards with 16 touchdowns and four interceptions. He’s also the Longhorns leading rusher with 242 rushing yards on 50 carries and five touchdowns. Those are nearly Heisman level numbers and Ehlinger is just at mercy of the Texas defense.

Texas Defense

This defense has been the crutch of the team this season. It has allowed way too many points to opponents, that the Longhorns should’ve beaten. The bye week presents a chance for Tom Herman and the other coaches to figure out what went wrong and attempt to correct the mistakes.

If Texas is going to have a chance at the Big 12 championship or even a bowl game, it must address these defensive mistakes in practice. Working on getting to the quarterback for sacks must be a point of emphasis for this Longhorn defense. With only a total of five sacks this entire season so far, opposing quarterbacks are very comfortable in the pocket right now.

Baylor Offense

Baylor hasn’t played a game in over 20 days due to its games being postponed. Texas could use this game to boost its morale and get a win after a two-game skid. This doesn’t mean that Texas should underestimate Baylor, because no team should be.

Baylor’s game is running the football. It’s ran the ball more times this season, in a attempt to control the clock and keep its opponent’s offense off the field. Texas will have to shut down John Lovett, so the Longhorn offense can get enough possessions to win this game. This will result in Texas’s defense forcing Charlie Brewer to beat them.

Baylor Defense

The Bears defense has gotten to the quarterback effectively this year. Baylor’s defense has a total of six sacks, two interceptions and two fumble recoveries in just two games this year. Texas has to protect the ball and protect Ehlinger. The Longhorns struggled with turnovers against Oklahoma, and it needs to work on that to save the season.

Looking Forward

Herman is already on the hot seat this year, and Texas is now in a bad spot and in danger of seeing the Big 12 championship slip through its fingers. This is a must win game for the Longhorns.

Texas had the bye week to adjust its game plan. Texas will win this game and we’ll have to see how many adjustments the Longhorns made and if the season can still be salvaged. The Longhorns will win this game with a final score of 45-28.