Gary Patterson calls out Wisconsin’s Rose Bowl gameplan

Conference media days are happening, which means the college football season is getting close. You have a few constants every year at these things. Nick Saban talks about how much he hates everything and everybody, Dabo Swinney says some silly things, Jim Harbaugh goes after Urban Meyer. And of course how

Joey Chestnut hates me

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Shame on you, Joey Chestnut. Shame. Shame. Shame. Two times in my life have I been invested in the performance of the greatest eater in the history of mankind. Both times, I was led astray and left unsatisfied. I don't even

Fans Fighting Fans: Cubs vs. Cubs

If you find a good fan fight when you’re at a game, please record it and send it on over to Deceptive Speed on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email to be on the next edition of Fans Fighting Fans. We’ll have a full breakdown and analysis of each and

Last Chance U is BACK

Check back throughout the next few weeks as we will put out reviews showcasing highlights and the best parts of each episode. Deceptive Speed was all over last week's news of Courteney Cox starring in somewhat of a scripted version of Last Chance U, but it's time to bring it in

Is Last Chance U done?

UPDATE: We heard back from people at Netflix who said the upcoming scripted series involving Courteney Cox as one of the stars is a separate project from Last Chance U. No decision has been made regarding a fifth season of Last Chance U. ORIGINAL STORY After a bit of a Deceptive Speed hiatus,