2020 Heisman Trophy candidates

The Heisman Trophy is given out the most outstanding player in NCAA football every year. This player is one that shows how valuable he is and why he is special. With that being said, here are some contenders for the Heisman following this weekend’s games.

Heisman Contenders

Travis Etienne Jr.

The reason Etienne is on my list is because I believe he might be the best running back in the NCAA as of right now.

Etienne’s numbers for the 2020 season speak for themselves. He currently has rushed for 692 yards this season and has had 132 rushing attempts. So that means he is very effective at running the football. Etienne has scored 12 touchdowns this season and averages 5.2 yards a carry. If you give him the football, he will get you the first down your team needs in order to move the chains to score points.

He is one reason why the Clemson Tigers have been winning most of their games this season.

Justin Fields

The reason I have Fields on my list is because the Buckeyes are currently No. 4 in the nation, and Fields is a big reason for that. He has thrown for 1,208 passing yards and ran for 135 this season in only four games, which means he is averaging almost 300 yards a game.

Fields also has completion rating of 79.6% and has completed 90 of his 113 passing attempts. He also has been sacked 12 times this season and still manages to win games.

He clearly is very calm under pressure at the quarterback position. and he knows how the throw the football very effectively, but the Buckeyes have only played four games.

Ian Book

The reason I have Book is because Notre Dame is the second-best team in the nation right behind Alabama, and the Fighting Irish have more wins than any other team right now. Book plays his quarterback role exceptionally well and in the past nine games, he has thrown for 2,097 passing yards and rushed for 148.9 yards.

Book has completed 16 touchdowns on the season and has only thrown one interception. He also has a completion rating of 63% and has completed 80 of 133 of his passes.

Book is very well rounded quarterback who know how to win games. He is also very comfortable in the pocket when completing his throws.

Trevor Lawrence

Lawrence has thrown for 2,236 yards, has 19 touchdowns, two interceptions and has a completion rating of 70.6%. He also averages 9.8 yards per throw with his passes and has also never been sacked.

The reason I have Lawrence as my pick to win the Heisman this year is because he is a one of a kind quarterback, and Clemson’s only loss on the season was to Notre Dame in a double overtime game, a game in which Lawrence was not even in because he was out sick with COVID-19.

I have a feeling if Lawrence would have played in that game, the Tigers would have won and would be currently undefeated. Lawrence has also received much attention from the NFL because of his greatness and professional teams want him to play for them.

Lawrence is a very gifted quarterback and will be star at whichever professional team he decides to go with when his college career is over.

That is why I have him picked to win the Heisman.