Are you ready for summer college football?

If you follow my daily Twitter thread, first you’ll find an absolute spot-on, perfect impression of Joe Exotic from the latest Netflix hit Tiger King. Second, you’ll notice we’ve made it a full 2 weeks without sports and we are officially going crazy.

I made it to episode 5 of Tiger King when I hit pause for a quick Twitter scroll because my multi-tasking abilities are limited when I came across a tweet that mentioned the possibility of COLLEGE FOOTBALL BEING PLAYED THIS SUMMER.

Michael Smith of the Sports Business Journal reported conference commissioners and athletic directors will discuss alternate scenarios to the college football season like summer football that would run in July, August and September.

If I were forced to pick between no college football and summer college football, I’d take summer college football but there’s no way this happens right? According to people smarter than me (everybody), viruses don’t spread as easily in warm weather. The idea would be to get a college football season in before the second phase of coronavirus hits.

If the coronavirus dies down enough for a condensed summer college football season to be a safe idea, why wouldn’t the decision makers be confident enough at that point to think the regular fall season would work?

If July is the targeted date for games to be played, preseason practices start in June I’d imagine. The Big Ten announced on Friday it’s shutting down team activities through at least May 4, so that’s cutting it pretty close. Also, imagine walking across the stage at high school graduation and playing a big-time college football game a month later.

I’d be more shocked if this happened than Kirk Herbstreit would be if a college football season was played.

And just as I finished this article, David Worlock with the NCAA put out a sarcastic tweet about this whole possibility.

I just checked the calendar and Halloween does not fall on Friday the 13th this year.

Photo courtesy of MSU Athletic Communications