Rutgers football: 3 takeaways from win over Michigan State

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It’s finally time for Big Ten Football teams and fans to fear the Scarlet Knights. Rutgers football is entering this season as a completely new team, shocking fans and opponents on Saturday as they defeated Michigan State 38-27, ending a 21-game conference losing streak. For a team that lost all nine of its conference games last season, starting this year off with a Big Ten win means something different. Yes, this was a great win, but it means something bigger for the Scarlet Knights. As they enter what could be a very promising year with new head coach Greg Schiano, let’s look at what this game can tell us about the rest of Rutgers’ season. Rutgers back under Schiano Schiano is back

Boston College football: Zay Flowers, Phil Jurkovec emerge as stars

Boston College football has something of a dangerous pair emerging on its roster. In a year with a lot of uncertainty surrounding the schedule and the new coaching staff, fans are waiting to see how the players step up this season. A team is nothing without leaders. It needs players who can be counted on to show up and play well in tight games. As proven in recent games, Boston College has found these types of players in quarterback Phil Jurkovec and wide receiver Zay Flowers. Recent awards Both players earned ACC honors this week, proving they are currently the top two on BC’s roster. Jurkovec received co-quarterback of the week after completing 19 of 35 passes for 358 yards against Pitt.

Boston College football vs. Virginia Tech preview

It’s getting fun for Boston College football. In fact, it's definitely a much more exciting season than anyone seems to have anticipated. With a season full of close wins and in some cases close losses, the Eagles have been entertaining if nothing else. Boston College is coming off of a big win over Pitt, which should give it momentum this weekend on their way to Virginia. The Eagles will face Virginia Tech in Blacksburg on Saturday, which will be a close matchup. Virginia Tech is 2-1 coming off of a loss to North Carolina. Let’s see how the two teams stack up and who will likely come out on top. Virginia Tech has a different offense Unlike BC’s other opponents thus far, Virginia

Boston College football: 3 takeaways from win over Pitt

Boston College football accepted the challenge given to it - show the ACC it can compete. After a somewhat rocky start to the season and many close games, Boston College has finally established itself as a threat in the ACC with the ability to compete against the stronger teams in the conference. On Saturday, BC beat Pitt 31-30 in overtime. This was a big in-conference win for the Eagles and gives more insight into how they can find success throughout the rest of the season. Here’s what we can take away from this game. How Boston College surprised Pitt Pitt’s stats coming into this game were intimidating, and it looked like its defense would quickly shut down Boston College. However, the Eagles went

What the return of Greg Schiano means for Rutgers football

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This fall became a lot less bleak after the Big Ten voted to reinstate the 2020 college football season. For Rutgers football fans in recent years, the fall season has been anything but uplifting. This year, however, things are much different. 2020 could be the comeback of Rutgers football. Since the hiring of returning head coach Greg Schiano, Rutgers fans have looked toward this season with hope. Schiano, the last head coach to lead a really successful Rutgers football team, will bring so much to the team this season. Physically and mentally, the Scarlet Knights have needed to shape up for years, and Schiano will provide the opportunity for that. With just two weeks until kickoff against Michigan State, let's look

Boston College football vs. Pitt preview

Boston College football will host Pitt on Saturday afternoon in what could be a close game. Coming off of a close loss to North Carolina, the Eagles need this game to keep their winning record and establish an in-conference winning record. Pitt, a strong team with lock-down defense, will be a challenge for BC. However, Pitt is coming off a disappointing one-point loss to NC State, proving BC has the potential to contend this weekend. Let’s see what Boston College needs to look out for this Saturday. How they compare Pitt started off the season with a shutout, establishing its strong defense. This season, the Panthers have outscored their opponents 128-60. BC is going to need to get on the board early

Boston College football: 3 takeaways from loss to North Carolina

Boston College football suffered its first loss of the season, which may have been its best game so far, simply because now we can learn from it. After a couple of late wins to weak teams, it did not seem likely that Boston College would be able to compete against North Carolina on Saturday. However, BC came out fighting and gave a stronger North Carolina team a scare. This was an encouraging performance from Boston College and suggests it will continue to compete in the more difficult games on its schedule throughout the remainder of the season. Let’s take a look at two positives from this game that can help the Eagles the rest of their season and one negative that

Boston College football needs to get ready for North Carolina

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Boston College football must be scared this week. The Eagles will face North Carolina on Saturday home at Alumni Stadium. BC is coming off of a fourth quarter win against Texas State, whom it was predicted to easily beat by 21. This demoralizing win has lessened the confidence of BC fans, as the team heads into the more difficult portion of its schedule. Based on last week's game, Boston College will have to do a lot in order to even compete on Saturday. North Carolina is a strong team on every front and will not be an easy opponent for the Eagles. Let's look at how these two teams compare to each other. The stats Boston College essentially needs to show up with

Boston College football: Newfound humility will be team’s biggest strength

Boston College football is in the business of giving its fans heart attacks this season. On Saturday night, everything between Boston College and Texas State came down to the last couple minutes of the fourth quarter. BC was trailing 21-7 in a game it was supposed to win by 21. With 1:11 left, Boston College tied it up and went on to win 24-21 on Aaron Boumehri’s 36-yard field goal. How this happened Head coach Jeff Hafley knew this would be a close game. Despite being the overwhelming favorite, Hafley did not let his team take this game lightly. And he was right not to. According to ESPN, after the win, he explained the way he mentally prepped his team for this game.

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