Big 12 football predictions - Week 10

kansas state football

Good morning Big 12 fans. Another Saturday is upon us again and that means it’s time for more Big 12 football. Let’s just jump right into the predictions.

West Virginia vs. #22 Texas

I fully expect Texas to not poop the bed and lose to West Virginia. I expect it to come off the high of winning against the best shot the Big 12 had at making the College Football Playoff this year and win this crucial game against the Mountaineers. Anything less and we can start laughing at the Longhorns again, right?

Prediction: Texas wins

Kansas vs. #19 Oklahoma

Again no surprises here, I expect (and hope) the Sooners come off the win and dismantle the Jayhawk defense. If the Jayhawks should win this game, which in the Big 12 is always a possibility, then that’s bad news for the rest of the conference because what are we doing? I love chaos in college football, but Oklahoma for the love of the game, please win.

Prediction: Oklahoma wins

Texas Tech vs. TCU

It’s amazing just five years ago these two teams had two of the most exciting QBs in college football history, and electric offenses that could light up a scoreboard. Now, we’re at the point where both teams are having offensive issues and can’t buy a win. Expect Texas Tech to win purely on the fact that it has shown flashes of greatness defensively and offensively. I would hope the Red Raiders pull off the win. Otherwise, Texas Tech fans will have to start worrying about Kansas soon.

Prediction: Texas Tech wins

#14 Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State

Well Cowboys, you had the best season of y’all’s football careers ahead of you and what do you do? You go and lose, to Texas of all teams. Thanks, thanks a lot for that. Now we have to sit through all these “Texas is BACK” comments and overhyping of that team. There’s only one thing y’all can do to make up for your mistakes. Win. Win out, take over the Big 12 and never lose again. Okay? Cool, thanks.

Prediction: Oklahoma State wins

Baylor vs. #17 Iowa State

Baylor really could only win with Matt Rhule, huh? The guy was obviously an NFL caliber coach. With that said, can it win this game against the Cyclones? Yeah, they can, everything and anything is possible in the Big 12. Do I expect the Bears to win? No, I expect them to lose.

Prediction: Iowa State wins

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