Big 12 football predictions - Week 5

big 12 football

WOW. What a week last week was! I predicted an upset but not the one that happened. Plus the new generation of Texas Tech fans got to experience their first heartbreak. Hopefully this week is another jam-packed week of classic Big 12 football and we get more exciting and classic games.

TCU vs. #9 Texas

The Longhorns have momentum after surviving their battle in Lubbock, Texas, so expect them to go on a little run here. How long will this momentum last? That I couldn’t tell you. I could see the Longhorns possibly heading to the Big 12 Championship game, but you never know in this conference. Does TCU pull the upset? It can if it plays really well, which isn’t that much of a stretch. TCU is a talented team, but it hasn’t had enough games played. TCU is a sleeper team and if it pulls off the upset, look for the confetti to rain purple and black this year.

Prediction: Texas wins

Baylor vs. West Virginia

This is definitely a toss up game. Both teams are really good and have the possibility to outscore the other, but will it come down to who ever has the ball last wins? I don’t think so. I see the Bears pulling away and their defense holding the Mountaineers’ offense to secure the win in West Virginia.

Prediction: Baylor wins

#17 Oklahoma State vs. Kansas

While Kansas is due for a win, I don’t see it coming from a ranked team unless Texas is still ranked by week 12. This Cowboys team looks sluggish, but they’ll come around. Kansas isn’t going to just lie down. We’ve all seen moments of greatness from this Jayhawks team. The problem is the other team likes to drop a 40 burger on them. The Jayhawks can win only if Oklahoma State has an OK start and the Jayhawks punch it in the mouth by the first half. They need to step up on defense and put petal to the metal. If anyone can do it, Les Miles can.

Prediction: Oklahoma State wins

Texas Tech vs. Kansas State

Alan Bowman is back. That should be all you need to hear to know this game is the Red Raiders to lose. They should have won against Texas last week, but special teams decided to hand the victory back to Texas after the Texas defense gave the game to the Red Raiders.


Ahem, sorry I lost my composure there for a second. Anyways, the Wildcats are hot coming off a big-time upset against Oklahoma, and they have the momentum and home field advantage.

Prediction: Texas Tech wins

#18 Oklahoma vs. Iowa State

Oklahoma did the thing it did last year - lost to Kansas State. Where did Oklahoma end up last year? Right the College Football Playoff. Not saying losing to Kansas State is nothing to worry about (I mean Oklahoma dropped quite a bit in the rankings because of it), but now the Sooners are gonna do Sooner things. I fully expect them never to lose a game again. Yep, it’s another year of Oklahoma football winning the Big 12 Championship. Hoo. Ray.

Prediction: Oklahoma wins